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**Kalayaan Island (Spratly) / West Philippine Sea - AFP

  • Worth reading (courtesy of tagalacion@tmw of TIMAWA)

    In reference to the many interesting back-and-forth's here through the years about whether PH should get LIFTs first or if MRFs should be taken immediately; I think the Iraqi decision to go "MRF-first" is now starting to show why going for lesser-sophisticated (and lesser capable) LIFT aircraft first was always the best way to go after all.


    Iraqi military pilot found dead at F-16 crash site in Arizona
    <click here for link>

    Loss of aircraft must be expected going MRF-first. There's no way around the fact that putting pilots used to a more forgiving aircraft into a high-performance 'beast' is bound to result in accidents. But at least aircraft can easily be replaced. But what if the pilot also dies (like in this case)? Good pilots require years - and millions - to train and are not as easily replaced as equipment.

    Iraq still waiting on F-16 fighter jets, U.S.-trained pilots for Islamic State battle <click here for link>

    Granted, our situation differs from Iraq's in that they're fighting a large scale insurgency while we're trying to face down China. But we also still face an insurgency in Mindanao where the MILF, MNLF, ASG, and other armed groups run rampant. Had we gone the MRF-first route and Mindanao blew another gasket, we could have been faced with the same situation where billions that otherwise could have gone to combat operations are sent stateside instead for pilot training and for MRF acquisition, maintenance, and operation - not unlike what the Iraqis are facing now.

    Don't get me wrong, folks. Our need for MRF's is dire in light of what China is doing in the WPS. But even then, rushing the MRF acquisition now is bound to derail funding for other things we need just as badly, like long-range patrol aircraft, more patrol ships, more transport aircraft and helicopters, SAA's, SAMs, AShM's, radars, coast-watch outposts, etc.

    These equally important systems would necessarily take a backseat if we rush towards MRFs now. The FA-50 is a good interim fighter for the PAF, with its relatively good capability (like we've never had before, actually) that gives us something to respond with credibly in case of an all-out shooting battle in the WPS.

    But barring that (unlikely) event, Golden Eagles are the better options to help tide our pilots over towards the higher-ends of the performance envelope that future MRFs are sure to require of them - but in a safer and surer manner.
  • pustahan lahat ng yan di mangyayari. hahaha

    2015 na ngayon, may mga dredging and docking stations na sa mga isla.. by that time,2021 onwards baka may Naval base na ang China sa mga isla na dapat pinoproteka ng mga armas na yan. gagamitin ba yan kapag dumating o mistulang tax monies gone to waste lang at pang show lang? Duterte nalang!!! ^_^
  • Masyado mahal ang madaming high tech fighters. We only need a few LIFT's like the golden eagle

    Remember that our mission is not to be able to repel a full on invasion.

    right now chinese planes are more likely to just intrude in our airspace in small groups. They have 3 choices: 1. retreat, 2. intimidate/ignore us since they know we are all air, no force i.e. we got no fighters with air to air capability or 3. shoot down any aircraft we send up

    With even a token force of a few golden eagles with anti aircraft missle capablility (and some pilots willing to die) we can deny the chinese choice #2. Choice #3 is unpalatable because a. it will get the US/international community involved, b. we get a public relations bonanza and c. there is a chance that at least one chinese plane will be shot down . So we steer them to choice #1 - retreat.
  • if nanalo na pres. si duterte at sinabi nya na attack chinese position on spratly to take back our land. do you think may sususnod sa kanya na General o sundalo?
    IMHO walang Sa AFP.
    but some pinoy are stupid. like the ones na sumunod kay datu.

    wala PH pres. in his right mind will strike first agaist china.
  • Today, Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War, is coming out. By August Cole and Eastern Arsenal's very own P.W. Singer, it's a novel about what might happen if the brewing Cold War between the U.S. and China were ever to turn hot.

    Here's a handy visual guide to the arsenal of the Directorate—China's fictional new government:
    <click here for link>
  • Masyado mahal ang madaming high tech fighters

    Kaya natin ma afford yan.
    Nakakapagpatayo nga ng billion-peso worth na parking at high school buildings e.... hehehe

    Pero seriously, political will lang yan.
  • Kaya natin ma afford yan.

    Billion Peso hindi Dollar
  • Brazilians Aren't Happy About $4.5 Billion Purchase Of Saab Gripen Fighter Jets
    "Brazil is going to spend $4.5 billion on 36 fighter jets. Well done, Dilma! Because we don't need schools or hospitals," wrote Lourenço Fabrino. Marcos Melo agreed: "Mrs. Dilma, Mrs. Dilma, what about schools, hospitals and daycare centers? We do not need planes."

    <click here for link>

    ok na ang iilang golden eagle
  • Mukhang delikado ang AFP modernization kay Binay wala sa plataforma nya
  • Mukhang delikado ang AFP modernization kay Binay wala sa plataforma nya

    ProCHINA si Binay eh...ano paba aasahan dyan..
  • ^^

    Binay+China= Gahaman
  • Mukhang delikado ang AFP modernization kay Binay wala sa plataforma nya
    Ang nasa platform niya ay ang mutal benefits sa disputed waters.

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