sino na nakasubok dito ng site to site ipsec vpn using pfsense(latest)?

already tried connection between the 2. Declared as connected pero unpingable yung private lan. Shrewsoft vpn client gamit ko, may iba pa bang vpn client for ipsec tulad ni shrewsoft na open source?

Feeling ko sa vpn client lang yung prob. Already tried the ff on both pfsense end:
#added static routing on both ends
#outbound NAT on both ends
#try to change encryption on phase 1 and 2 and tried to disable nat traversal on both.

still the same

site A
WAN - my wan
LAN subnet -

site B
WAN - my wan
Lan subnet
lan ip

phase 1
authentication type: mutual preshare key
negotiation mode: main
pre-shared key: user12345$$%
policy generation: default
proposal checking: default
encryption algorithm: 3DES
hash algorith: SHA1
DH key group: 2(1024bit)
NAT traversal: enable
dead peer connection : enable

Phase 2
protocol: ESP
encryption algorithm: AES, Blowfish, 3DES
Hash algorithm: MD5, SHA1
PFS keygroup: 2