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Unified Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Users Thread Part 2 (NO Trading Allowed)

  • Hi mga Sir,

    may inquiry lng ako about Lenovo G40-30.


    Intel Celeron N2940 (Quad core) (1.83 ghz to 2.25 ghz)
    2 GB DDR3
    500 GB HDD WD

    Dec. 30, 2014 ko nabili, meron ako nrrinig n noise (pag nsa tahimik n kwarto ka mrrinig tlga pro mahina lng) prang clicking sound. una akala ko Fan pro alm ko HDD un, chneck ko warranty s Lenovo website start of warranty nya Nov 17, 2014 to Nov 17, 2015. Db dpat magstart ang warranty s arw n nbili ko xa? pki correct nlng kng mali ako.

    alm ko hnd normal may mahinang clicking sound s PC o Laptop. Pero normal lng b tlga s Lenovo G40-30? mejo mura kc yung unit kya iniisp ko bka normal s HDD nya.

    papapalitan ko sna s store n nabilhan ko (PC Gadgets s SM Cyber Zone), kya lng sobrang busy s work lumipas n 1 week replacement period.

    Nag burn-in test ako 3 times mag kasunod passed nmn, ska HDD check no errors.

    Salamat ng mdami s sasagot.
  • Hi,

    I am having problem with my laptop when playing sounds. I am hearing static noise when playing sounds/music. I also notice that my pc slows down when opening application. I have 2x 1600mhz 8gig RAM intel Core i7. Is this more related to battery or RAM? This is definitely not the speaker itself since I can reproduce the problem with an ordinary headset. When I watch youtube and open a new tab there is a bit of microlag and static noise at the same time. I don't know what to diagnose first. My battery is already problematic along with the Lenovo Energy Managment. I could no longer do battery gauge reset. I still have the problem whether the laptop is plugged in our not.

  • I have a weird issue with my ASUS K52JR laptop. By default 500gb yung hd niya pero pag ginagamitan ko ng 1tb hd tapos reinstall ng windows nagkakaproblema siya sa driver signature ng touchpad, bluetooth, audio, vcard kasi di madetect yung mga hardware components na yun. Tapos pag binalik ko yung 500gb hd ko ok naman walang issue. Anybody who knows how to fix this?

    -- edited by siege_8 on Jan 20 2015, 07:57 PM
  • bartolomeo:

    It might be the fan itself causing the clicking noise. But the clicks should only be present if the fan has suffered from constant heat cycling, requires re-oiling, or is nearing the end of its mean time of use prior to failure.

    Regardless of reason, while the unit is under warranty, it would be best to submit a service claim to an authorized Lenovo Service Center with a short description of the issue. You could try Lenovo Phone Support before heading over to a Service Center site to see what could be done.


    Sounds like a driver problem, although I won't rule out something else might be failing. Those gaps in performance and stutters could be a symptom of drop-outs from the interrupt handles. But the other issues you have described point to a problem with the embedded controller.

    Unlike desktop systems, notebooks require a certain synergy with all the embedded controllers, management chips, and components included in a single system -- in addition to the BIOS. In fact, a single notebook can have more components than a desktop usually does. More components means more traffic up the interrupt to the processor and that could mean problems down the line.

    And because of this, it makes sense that notebooks are measured in their ability to streamline their response to procedure calls. DPC latency checks can give you some picture of this, although they are focused on the deferred calls (the ones that drivers can use to lower the priority or raise the priority of tasks to the processor).

    It's quite possible that a driver is calling the deferred processing of other tasks in favor for itself or causing some kind of conflict in the queue. Usually this would be a network driver, as they are known to hog interrupt handlers all the time (not necessarily the driver's fault though, as networking is tied closely to how Windows works). Or it could be that the audio driver is badly written or in conflict with another driver's use of the queue.

    Driver upgrades or downgrades could minimize the drop-outs in DPC, but latency won't be completely eliminated. Unfortunately, this would work to the greatest effect if you knew which component is using a problematic driver. There used to be a way in Windows 7 and earlier, but there are currently few solutions for Windows 8 (given the way it implements the procedure calls).
  • siege_8:

    It's an old complicated issue, what you have there. It might be a myriad of smaller issues compounded into a few symptoms. Or it could be changes to the registry thanks to a clean install or the signatures themselves thanks to the new hard drive.

    Regardless, there isn't a single unified solution, but the resolution with the most feedback is the one about installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) to accommodate new drives and advanced storage formats. I had this issue with the Acer Aspire G Series and this solution worked for me.

    Some say that their driver signature issues disappeared right after doing so, but this isn't a one-all solution and may not work for you.
  • OT lang mga paps natanong ko na sa ibang thread to pero tanong ko na rin dito, pano niyo dispose mga old non-working units niyo? yung mga junkshops kasi dito malapit samin puro papel, bote, ilaw lang. ayaw ko lang kasi na itapon basta basta yung mga units. baka may alam kayong recycling centers. thanks.
  • Hi Nelko,

    Thank you for answering my question.S totoo lng mkkpag coordinate n tlga ako s lenovo support pro nagpost n dn ako dto incase meron may lenovo g40-30.

    -- edited by bartolomeo on Jan 21 2015, 11:02 PM
  • kamusta po msi vs asus rog in terms of durability ng components pag long hours of hardcore gaming, bf4, gta V(soon)... may nakita akong worth 70k sa asus na 850m tapos 970m sa msi 105k-110k, kinumpara ko lang yung body parang manipis yung msi kaya parang prone sa overheating or bad air circulation, pero gusto ko lang malaman opinion niyo mga master... ilang years kaya itatagal?
  • kamusta po msi vs asus rog in terms of durability ng components pag long hours of hardcore gaming, bf4, gta V(soon)... may nakita akong worth 70k sa asus na 850m tapos 970m sa msi 105k-110k, kinumpara ko lang yung body parang manipis yung msi kaya parang prone sa overheating or bad air circulation, pero gusto ko lang malaman opinion niyo mga master... ilang years kaya itatagal?

    a lot of forumers here swear by their MSI gaming laptops, especially when it comes to durability, upgrade-ability, and performance. just ask the member named "amd" ;)
  • Hi mga Sir,

    may inquiry lng ako planning to buy a new laptop budget 55k to 65k pero pede gang 70k.

    and any comment on Sager NP8651?
  • I'm actually looking to put down an order for the NP8651 next week. I've been hearing nothing but good things from NBR Forums. I think slashpen has one. He got it from HT. You can also try LM or BS. As far as pricing goes it's HT>BS>LM. According to my research HT is a Sager reseller, BS gets its Sagers from GentechPC, and LM gets theirs from XoticPC. Not 100% sure though.

    -- edited by tahlzair on Jan 22 2015, 11:21 PM
  • @all

    Mga bossing, may nakagamit na ba sa inyo ng ganitong model? <click here for link> any feedback? balak ko para sa office.

  • @Nelko

    Thank you! I have notice as well everything on the functionality of Lenovo z480 suddenly stopped working. I don't even know if reinstalling windows could solve my problem just as before but it won't take this solution as of the moment.

    I have Dolby Home Theatre V4 suddenly stopped working, the one key theatre stop working, Lenovo Energy Management no longer shows. Function keys not working, home keys not working. I've tried reinstalling drivers to no avail.

    What do you think is going on my laptop? Is this clearly a hardware problem?
  • @Nelko

    Thanks man. Was able to fix this weird issue. :D
  • Patulong lang po. Baka pwede pa-PM ng mga store na nag rerepair ng HP laptop, nasira yung hinge kaya di na siya masara. Salamat po!
  • revo14:

    There are very little government-run e-waste disposal programs underway right now, and all of them are being run by commercial solutions under the guise of some recycling charitable program. The most memorable of these programs is the roving SM Waste Market, where e-waste is valuated and bought right at site for proper refurbishing or disposal.

    Of course you could deal directly with the commercial entities, but their customers are usually large enterprises with guaranteed quotas in e-waste volume.


    Quality-wise, you can say that either ASUS or MSI are good. Both have their weaknesses in overall quality, so what works for some may not work for you. If you need a clearer viewscape of specific issues with each brand, it would be best to research on a per model basis. Simply typing the SKU and the words "issues" or "problems" may bring up many, some or no feedback regarding the model. Any issue is welcome, because no feedback doesn't necessarily mean there are no issues with the unit. No feedback could be caused by many things, but in the end it doesn't make your decision making process any accurate.


    Yes, those symptoms are beginning to look like a result of a dying embedded controller. It's an essential component of the notebook, and if it has taken the high road to oblivion, many other controllers will begin to malfunction. The Function Key issue seems to denote that the platform controller hub is on the fritz. Either that or there's a software implementation tied into the EC and not the PCH for the mapping of the Function Keys, and it's just not responding on account of the EC hanging on to its last breath.
  • @Nelko,

    Thanks for the information. So does that mean my laptop is about to go dead? I really need a replacement laptop then. ASAP.

    Also I would like to ask what is the cause of this problem???
    Would my HD be affected by this? It is very important that I know since I got a lot of files on my HD right now and its very very important.

    -- edited by neonwarge04 on Jan 24 2015, 05:30 AM

    -- edited by neonwarge04 on Jan 24 2015, 05:31 AM
  • neonwarge04:

    So does that mean my laptop is about to go dead?

    Most definitely. It's very rare for such important and integral components to fail before the CPU or GPU does, but it is known to happen.

    Also I would like to ask what is the cause of this problem???

    Manufacturing defect comes to mind, although over-saturation of the circuits, a power spike, or repeated heat cycling might be causes, too. I'm no expert in the technical facets when it comes to repair or engineering, so there could be many other causes that would apply.

    Would my HD be affected by this? It is very important that I know since I got a lot of files on my HD right now and its very very important.

    If the cause was because of a power spike, the hard drive may have been affected. It will still be possible to retrieve data from the hard drive after extracting it from the notebook and attaching it to an external bridge for manual data transfer to another external storage or a new notebook's hard drive.
  • sir worth it ba bumili ng second hand na DELL M6800? 65k lang kasi sya so iniisip ko kung ito ba or macbook pro na bago? pa help po mostly gagamitin ko for webdev works at programming po :)
  • buhawi:

    To answer your question: yes, it would be worthwhile. But this is looking at the Precision alone, because the cheapest version is almost 90 grand in exchange rate alone (no tariffs yet) and because its availability in our local consumer market is practically nil.

    But here's a question for you, sir: is there a reason that you would require a professional portable workstation instead of one of the world's most renowned professional ultraportables?

    Because as we can ascertain from your requirements, both notebooks are more than sufficient to deliver the performance and provide ample screen real-estate for your needs. Yet neither notebook is within the league of the other; while the Precision will serve the discerning corporate solution provider angled for professional third-party solutions, the MBP is both a vanity icon and a more reserved mobile computer with an affinity for multiple purposes in multimedia and entrepreneurship.

    Because if you have always been considering a MBP as your next purchase and your programming has no dependencies on Windows, then you can't go wrong going the MBP route. If your job requires you to be as mobile as possible, then the MBP should be a no-brainer.

    The Precision is, to put it bluntly, way too powerful for your requirements and will be incredibly under utilized for your intended use. Even the most basic SKU uses a vPro optimized quad-thread full mobile processor and a FirePro professional GPU. It would run circles around the most basic MBP 15, and have the audacity to benchpress MBP 13s in its spare time. It's also pretty large and heavy and should cause you to reconsider bringing it along with you on any excursion.
  • Mga sir ano po ba ibig sabihin pag sinabing windows 8.1 w/ bing. Binili ko po kasi ng laptop anak ko yung ACER Aspie E 15 na AMD quad core E2-6110.
    ok po ba yung ganitong model, pwede na po ba sya sa presyong 15.9k
  • With bing means bing is default search engine on internet explorer. Kapag naginstall ka ng chrome, pwede na kahit anong search engine ang gusto mo.

    No difference from regular 8.1 aside from the default search engine on internet explorer.
  • @Nelko

    If that is the case then the lines assuming "Affordable" "Mainstream" laptop could suffer the same fate. Is the luxury lines ranging to 50-70k (lower speced) laptops affected by this in case it is due to manufacturing defect? I don't want to encounter this in the near future.

    Also I would like to try to run my laptop without a battery and see if this is still the case. My battery wear is at 17%.

    -- edited by neonwarge04 on Jan 25 2015, 02:40 AM
  • neonwarge04:

    For your peace of mind, not even gaming and enthusiast notebooks are exempt from such manufacturing defects. Even though quality does increase the higher you go up the price ladder, there's still no guarantee that you wouldn't end up with a lemon. It's the theory of the market roulette -- sometimes you just end up with a lemon for a unit once bought.

    For many manufacturers, factories they use to churn out notebooks aren't always in-house. They outsource manufacturing and assembly to other capable independent factories, too. And sometimes these factories' quality control isn't up to par to manufacturers' specs. And even then, other factors such as transportation and handling and also the way they store the units can affect the manner at which units may fail when used by consumers.

    Though you may not want to ever encounter lemons again in the future, there will always be another down the line. It should only be through extremely bad luck that you'd get your hands on another consecutive lemon even from a totally different manufacturer.

    Edit: Grammar check.

    -- edited by Nelko on Jan 25 2015, 08:24 AM
  • Tama si Nelko.

    I risked my money paying my premium tablet worth 50K with following specs: Core i5-4300U @ 1.9 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2160x1440 12" IPS HiDPI display, 256 GB SSD, 802.11ac WiFi, Intel HD 4400 graphics, Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center, N-trig pen. That tablet has many issues sa internet forums, pero luckily I didn't get a lemon. It's very responsive and doesn't come with bloatware like all preinstalled windows laptops.

    I could've gotten a laptop with much better specs sa 50K pero I chose magnesium metal chassis, the HiDPI IPS display, pen input and incredible portability and above average battery life over the plastic chassis with low resolution/poor color gamut/viewing angle TN screen, and much better specs.
  • nihill:

    The NP8651 is a rebadged 15-inch notebook based on the later Clevo P65xSx barebone chassis. The entire family of the Clevo P65xSx has a long history of being one of Clevo patrons' favorite bang for the buck notebook. It's evolution hasn't changed down the line: it still comes in either charcoal matte or brushed aluminum gray; it has the ever trusty Onkyo 2.0 speaker array and capacity for 5.1 arrays if you have them; and it also has a customizability streak that would put any other enthusiast barebone notebook to real shame (despite the soldered CPU and GPU).

    Of course, that should be the advantage of any notebook built out of a barebone design. But the P65xSx also offers the ability to integrate WWAN via LTE M.2 cards or just go 3G via the HSPA+ module or install Trusted Platform Modules for those extra security quirks -- these are even more than what Clevo's closest competitor (with respect to barebones and, consequently, HQ location), MSI, could even dream of designing for their G line.

    Some may be put off by the single fan design, especially for a notebook designed to be as thick as only an inch, but there are no major complaints about thermal management. It's likely to have the same development as any thin gaming notebook in the market.

    Your major concern should probably be the internal battery system, especially for a notebook that could get liberally warm inside its own chassis.
  • gastos:

    The V3 as you've indicated is more than capable of delivering productivity for office-related functions. It's poised to do even more than just office work.

    Based off the old V3-771G barebone, the 772G is a slight improvement in technology and aesthetics but would essentially look and feel like a 771G in most respects.

    There are no serious flaws in thermal development (despite the stigma against Acer), but it could have improved with a second fan for its cooling system. The unit itself suffers from throttling at critical thresholds, showing that Acer has been cautious enough to not overwhelm the cooling system.

    Battery life is nothing to write home about, but it does almost reach 4 hours practical runtime, which is about halfway up the day-long battery quota.
  • muyak:

    Binili ko po kasi ng laptop anak ko yung ACER Aspie E 15 na AMD quad core E2-6110. ok po ba yung ganitong model, pwede na po ba sya sa presyong 15.9k

    I don't think you could get anything better in the brand new notebook department other than a Bay Trail-M variant. But then the performance difference would be so little that it probably wouldn't matter to you.

    If it's for school work and Internet browsing (with HD streaming or Flash used sparingly), the Aspire E15 will satisfy.
  • @Nelko

    salamat sir sa reply, ang inaalala ko nal ang kung tatagal ito at walang lalabas na sira pag nabili ko na, where as macbook pro sure ball yung warranty pag nasira pero yung capability ni macbookpro MGX82 medyo talo yung specs sa price nya
  • @ buhawi

    Ganon talaga. Would you invest your money for great hardware specs for price, cheap plasic body, sub-par screen quality and color gamut, questionable durability, low end WiFi, average battery life or invest it on nice aluminum/magnesium/carbon fiber unibody, IPS HiDPI retina screen with high color gamut, 802.11ac WiFi, above average/long battery life with hardware specs that can be had for 2/3 the price?

    I went with the latter and chose to spend my money premium ultrabooks/Tablet PC since I prefer a premium looking device than a cheap looking device with great hardware specs.

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