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Unified Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Users Thread Part 2 (NO Trading Allowed)

  • po90p:

    Well, the SLI configuration generates a lot of heat. That's not saying that the cooling system is inadequate. Overheating has a lot of factors involved; but some of the simplest factors like ambient temperature can effectively prevent or promote overheating by a large margin. Our tropical climate doesn't help much to prevent it, but with coolers and some room airflow, you can get a thermodynamic cycle started to equalize the room's temperature at a constant rate. And this helps a lot, because the fundamentals of thermodynamics in preventing waste heat accumulation is, simply put, ventilation.

    Purchasing online introduces a whole new set of complications to consumerism, but it doesn't have to be different from casual shopping at your local mall. With online shopping, there's the advantage of being able to do research while at the point of sale for the product you're hoping to buy -- something you usually can't do at a shop without some special or mobile aid. Either way, doing the necessary legwork will give you better insights as to what should be best for you to buy.

    In TPC, merchants may grant special cash discounts to customers who pay in cash and are members of the community. But this doesn't go for all merchants. Enterpreneurs usually deal in reseller business models by being your conduit to overseas sources; otherwise, they'd usually deal with pre-owned or second-hand items that will be priced pretty much at the lowest they're willing to go.

    And then, there's the individual user simply plying his / her trade to gain some recompense for notebooks they once used, in hopes to either get a new one or allocate their earnings to something more important. I'm sure that many major retail shops will run their own seasonal promotions for the Yuletide; I don't know if that will translate over to TPC.
  • Sir Nelko,
    Thanks for the feedback! I'd prefer brand new than pre-owned..
    Battery and bluetooth 4.0 is not a problem actually. But i'll take that as a disadvantage base on your point.
    Thanks for the enlightenment. Just additional question, how about if i'll just increase my budget to around 40k? Can you see or provide other models that are competetive and brand new as well? Thanks! Sorry for additional questions hehe!
  • Thanks Nelko!
  • Sir Nelko,

    What's your experience in buying products online? Honestly, natatakot ako bumili kasi there's a big chance that I might get scammed. There are meetups but I can't do that due to work schedule. If meetups is out of the question, how will I know if they haven't tampered with the product? Baka ang mangyari kasi kapag inorder ko na si product A bigla namang si product B ang binigay or worse WALA. And there's also a chance that the personal info they give is false making it hard to track them down in case of fraud. I know reading feedbacks is suppose to be helpful but I still have a lot of doubts. Tips?

    Sorry, makulit ako. I just to spend my budget wisely. TIA! :)
  • po90p,
    Extra lang, and for your ease as well, credentials of the seller will be the best answer to your question. I know it's nakaka kaba pero there are alot of websites that are credible. I' ve bought from kimstore and lazada already and it went good.
    W/ regards sa meet ups, best advise is to tag along a person who has knowledge to those type of products :)
    Just my two cents ;)

    * sites that i mentioned were just for example not as advertisements.

    -- edited by achaeminid3 on Oct 27 2014, 12:33 PM
  • archaeminid3:

    The reason I made that point is because you stated future proofing as a requisite. BT 4.0 is pretty standard among even entry-level notebooks. So should it be omitted, it may cast a shadow on the notebook's potential utility in the long run.

    Also, 2500 mAh batteries are nothing to scoff at, but they aren't singularly impressive either. Seeing that other E5-471G have batteries with twice that capacity and can run for at least 8 hours before a recharge makes for a drastic compromise: by lowering the cost of the notebook, they've also limited its mobility potential. With this notebook, you would almost always be scouting for an outlet.

    I believe this is why reviewers classify this notebook as a desktop replacement (DTR).

    Without the next refreshes from the Asian manufacturers (scheduled to arrive this November), an entry-level budget at 40 grand won't grant you much more options than the 36 grand tier. Or let me put it this way: 40 grand doesn't open up a selection better than the core feature set of the Aspire E5-471G 57N5.

    But I'm basing these off of international prices from manufacturers and from some Philippine retail outlets online, so this doesn't represent the real market situation right now. You may get better results by visiting the major tech hubs around the Metro (or nearer to where you live) and seeing what they have in display.

    Don't be shy to ask what notebooks they can offer you at your current budget and what they can offer in discount or freebies.
  • po90p:

    I completely understand your dilemma. And being cheated out of your money is a real danger in online shopping.

    To date, I haven't been cheated at all in any of my transactions online. But there was always a measure of caution and an appropriate amount of research (doing my homework) before I ever made a purchase, and all these happen some three to four weeks prior to the transaction. There have been many transactions I deemed unfit for me -- some I deemed as too risky on my part, others I politely bowed from because there was an unidentified catch.

    However, I'm not sure if you want to engage in transactions in TPC or not, because meetups are the standard operating procedure here. If you're referring to ordering online and then having it delivered to you, then I recommend ordering only from reputable sources, such as actual merchants (businesses with real-world, brick and mortar stores).

    Many forums, including this one (even if it is prohibited to do so here), have people who blurt out their sources from time to time. Learning about the reputation of each one via their feedback feeds or discussions about them in other forums might ease your anxiety about engaging them.

    Just don't forget to keep your sources and options open for as long as possible. Only make the final decision when you've weighed and exhausted everything else or when urgency dictates that you must make a decision immediately.
  • Sige po boss. Tutal sa sm north lang naman ako nagttrabaho hehehe.
    Salamat sa lahat ng insights :)

    -- edited by achaeminid3 on Oct 27 2014, 01:18 PM
  • Mga master, kakabili lang namin ng acer laptop pero walang option yun alps touchpad na auto-disable pag may naka-connect na external mouse. Baka may alam kayo na solution other than disabling yun device driver sa device manager? Win 8.1SL yun OS nya. Mukha rin wala sya hardware diagnostics feature, baka may mare-recommend kayo apart from sisoft sandra.

  • To Sirs who replied,

    Thanks for the advice, I might just stick with buying personally than online. I also asked advice from other sources and they think that paying such high amount with little to no experience with this business is too risky. I might do more research but until then just stick to the norm. They said buy something practical but not too pricey or full risks since this is my first major buy. I guess my best shot is at Gilmore. Do you think they have great sales on holiday season? I don't mind the hassle as long as it's practical, I'm good.
  • igotnojob:

    Is there a function key on the Acer's keyboard that indicates a touchpad? I'm not sure how well Alps has improved in this aspect, but Acer may have created their own fail-safe by allowing the user to toggle off the touchpad by using Fn + an F key.

    If none exists, there may be a utility embedded into the Mouse settings from the Control Panel that may have an option to disable the touchpad.


    Gilmore is a good place to start when you're looking for variants of budget-level to entry-level laptops. Mid-level notebooks are rarer at Gilmore (probably due to security reasons) but seem to be included in shop catalogs. Now I'm not sure that they can provide discounts for the season (their prices ebb and shrink on their own), but I think they have repeatedly offered bundled freebies on such occasions.
  • @nelko
    Salamat sa pag-reply. Nakita ko na hot key fn+f7 pala, nasanay ako sa hot keys and hard switches ng dell and hp hehe. Problema naman enabled yun touchpad after mag-restart or power cycle. Mukhang drivers install and factory reset bagsak pag di naaayos.
  • igotnojob:

    The re-enable after restart / startup is normal. Disabling via Fn + F keys is only valid for the session that it's been turned on. It might persist for hibernation and suspend modes, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that since it probably is only a hardware implementation.
  • Hello mga sirs,
    Ever since I decided to buy personally, what laptops (prefrrably gaming) can you recommend in the 35k or under department?

  • Good afternoon I just want to ask if Acer Aspire V3-772G-5413 is a good buy for its price 45K.. or can you reco other brand / model of laptop.
    price range is from 35K to 45K. I'm going to use this for software development (.Net, SQL, Heavy Multi -Tasking) and of course gaming.

  • po90p:

    If you're gunning for gaming specifically, you can opt for the MSI GP60 or the Neo Elan L31W / L31L at that budget bracket. As discussed earlier in this thread with archaeminid3, the Acer E5-471G-57N5 found for a price of approximately 36 grand offers plenty of potency for performance in exchange for some compromises.


    Have you found one for sale locally? If so, nicely done. Again the Acer does surprise in its ability to constantly refresh its line. The 5413 beats another competitor in this price bracket in core features alone simply because its hardware is up to date. A similarly configured MSI GE40 or an undocumented, refreshed GP60, however, might be able to beat this in a competition of size vs. performance.

    But if you need a 17.3-in. desktop replacement (DTR) notebook, this is a good candidate for your needs and budget bracket. You could yearn for a more powerful mobile processor (the quad-core Qs) though, due to your multi-tasking requirement, but the single core performance should suffice for the meantime.

    If you can't wait for the V Nitros, then I suppose the last of the V3s and V5s will do.
  • Done more canvassing and it seems I went back to my original choice which is this:


    That's my reference when canvassing. The only downside is that I don't see any reviews for this laptop. That's why I'm having second thoughts on buying this.

    Anyway, thanks sir Nelko and everyone. You've all been really helpful!
  • guys just want to ask kung ano mas maganda Lenovo IdeaPad G40-30 or
    Acer Aspire E5-471-33c1
    or Acer Aspire E5-411 ?? For thesis writing and internet, movie, youtube only. thanks sa response
  • jape025:

    For a more robust feature set and performance, the Acer Aspire E5-471-33c1 will offer more. But perhaps the Aspire E5-411 may have the recommended amount of RAM to work with.

    Regardless, at this price range, you will probably need to spend a little extra to hike the memory allowance to the 4 GB level (or more, if that's preferable to you). Faster memory will increase graphics performance as well.
  • help naman mga sir. sulit na laptop rig para sa budget na 30-40k. i5 o i7 na sana, may mataas na na video card at magandang battery life sana. madalas gamitin pang audio-video editing, flash, photoshop, at kahit na anong may adobe. ahaha.

    tsaka masmura ba laptop kapag pasko?

    salamat po.
  • bagongsaing:

    A couple of suggestions for your budget bracket were made earlier in this thread. I think most of them are still valid in this transition period. We have to wait a little bit longer for the refreshes while the transition period is on-going, if newer notebooks or current technology is important for you.

    However, in your budget bracket, and for the feature set you require, you will be hard pressed to find a brand new notebook that satisfies all of your requirements. The landscape changes if you choose to get a pre-owned notebook.

    A common CPU in this price range is the Core i5 Haswell 4200U / 4210U with varying graphics solutions in the form of GeForce GT 720Ms, 740Ms, 820Ms, and 840Ms or Radeon R5 M230s, R5 M240s, R7 M250s, R7 M260s, and R7 M265s. The best of the graphics solutions presented are only in the mid-tier, and they are the lower portion of the mid-tier.

    Examples include:

    - Acer Aspire V3-471G
    - Acer Aspire V3-472PG
    - ASUS X555LD
    - Dell Inspiron 14R 5000 Series
    - HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14
    - Lenovo IdeaPad G5070
    - Toshiba Satellite L40

    ...to mention a few. And because retail shops offer promotions and discounts during the Yuletide season, yes, many notebooks go on sale.
  • @Nelko

    Thanks Buddy!, Yes I saw an online store selling this model of laptop.
  • @nelko

    pre ma invite nga kita samin. shot tayo. para makita mo yung netbook kong ubod ng bagal

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