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Unified Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Users Thread Part 2 (NO Trading Allowed)

  • nevermind.

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  • akosighie:

    Well, if we strictly consider price vs. performance, you should consider the IdeaPad from the Z series. Every notebook you iterated is a member of the everyday computing line of their respective brand (e.g., Inspiron for Dell, E1 for Acer, X for ASUS) except, of course, the Z5070. The Z series is the mainstream entertainment line of Lenovo.

    If only its aesthetics were better, it would have been an easy choice.

    Although there will be performance differences among the rest of the choices, they should be fairly minimal to the point that the cheaper ones will win the price vs. performance contest. They are, after all, specc'ed exactly the same in core components.

    Many factors can dictate the results of synthetic tests for these, including but not limited to slower clocked memories, underclocked cores, factory enforced throttling, and undersaturation (or underpowered circuitry).

    Essentially, your best bets would either be ASUS or Acer:

    ASUS with its IceCool Technology would limit the overall heat generation toward the front of the notebook (important if you code and compile for extended hours). Battery doesn't look too good, though -- the capacity leaves something to be desired, even if supported by power-saving components such as the Haswell and Maxwell. Other nice additions are its mainstay features: the SonicMaster sound system, less bloatware, and the trendy finish on top, be it brushed or glossy.

    The Acer is likely to run warm. But good airflow and regular maintenance should stifle the gradual gain of heat. Acer had very good speakers during the Aspire G haydays; I'm not sure if that translates well to the new lines of Aspires. The Aspires have good capacity batteries, so they should give you a run for your money in the mobility department. There's an official service center in Manila; it's a bit hard to get to if you're further away.

    Both suffer greatly in terms of OEM driver support. If you're really lucky, Acer will update their drivers more often than ASUS; otherwise, it's a coin toss between them.

    Acer E15/E-571G-759V
    Acer E15/E-571G-78GQ (I don't really know the difference from the other model as mentioned above)

    It's quite possible that there's a slight aesthetics difference between the two. Color, framing, maybe even a different model of screen or battery. Sony uses similar naming schemes, but color would be indicated by a / (e.g., /B for black, /Bl for blue, /P for pink, etc.). I guess you couldn't go wrong with either if any one of them become your choice.

    Dell Inspiron 5547 (R7 M265 is this better or the same performance with GT840?)

    At the moment the most prudent choice would be the GT 840M. In terms of raw performance, except in a few circumstances, the GT 840M will deliver more to the table. Also, the nVIDIA graphics solution has a more mature driver, having been out longer than the R7 M265. Roughly put, if you look into the grand scale that is the mobile graphics solution archive, the differences between both solutions aren't huge, but it is there.

    However, the two company's partnership with game developers have allowed both solutions to have disparate results against each other depending on the game. You might want to delve a little deeper into what the feature sets of each graphics solution could offer you outside of gaming. Regardless, you shouldn't go wrong with a GT 840M.

    Edit: Gah. Fixed quotes.

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  • Hi Sir Nelko,

    Been reading the forums this past few days, madami ka na suggestions tulad sa hanap ko laptop pero baka me mas marecommend ka pa.

    budget: 40-45k
    use: programming and online games

    preferably may ssd or hybrid :)
  • good day to all of you! :)

    bago lang po ako dito. gusto ko lang po sana humingi ng advice/suggestion sa laptop na pwede kong bilihin. kasi sa mga taong natatanungan ko sa sm malls dami side comment sa product na hindi nila carry ang brand. to set things up sana mabigyan niyo po ako ng advice/suggestions.

    Budget on hand: 14,000
    reason for buying: for everyday use including ms office application, watching movies, download, uploads, browsing - fb, skype, ym etc.
    games: fb games. not for DOTA and LOL

    sana po mabigyan niyo ako ng advice or suggestions para sa laptop/netbook na swak sa budget at medyo hindi high maintenance.

    may extranal storage na po ako at external dvd player sana compatible.

    maraming salamat po.

    -- edited by japoxs on Nov 19 2014, 01:49 PM
  • zerelie:

    For the entry-level budget, indeed, many suggestions have been made. However, depending on what specific tasks you'd want to do (or be able to do) on your notebook and how much time has passed since those suggestions, they may change.

    To be honest, it would be difficult to find a brand new model at your budget that comes with an SSD. And there wouldn't be many alternatives if the model found doesn't suit you. Therefore, I tried to approach this case in two ways: first, find hybrid or SSD SKUs up to a maximum of your budget; second, find solutions at the 40 grand mark and leave the 5 grand overhead for upgrading to an SSD.

    As you can imagine, I've had very little leeway for the first option:

    - Dell XPS 12 (N/A, Core i5 3317U, 4 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 128 GB SSD, 12.5-in. FHD TS) - it's over your budget at around 1 to 3 grand, depending on where you find it

    For the second option, there are plenty:

    - Acer Aspire E1-572G (7450, Core i7 4500U, 8 GB RAM, Radeon HD R7 M265 2 GB, 1 TB HD, 15.6-in. HD)
    - Acer Travelmate P245 (7450, Core i7 4500U, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 820M 2 GB, 1 TB HD, 15.6-in. HD)
    - ASUS X550LD (054H, Core i5 4210U, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 820M 2 GB, 500 GB HD, 15.6-in. HD)
    - Dell Inspiron 14 (5447, Core i5 4210U, 6 GB RAM, Radeon HD R7 M265 2 GB, 1 TB HD, 14-in. HD)
    - Dell Inspiron 14 (3442, Core i5 4210U, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 820M 2 GB, 1 TB HD, 14-in. HD)
    - Dell Vostro (5470, Core i5 4200U, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 740M 2 GB, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)
    - HP Pavilion 14 (28TX, Core i5 4200U, 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD 8670M 2 GB, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD TS)
    - Lenovo IdeaPad G4070 (5941, Core i5 4200U, 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD R5 M230 2 GB, 1 TB HD, 15.6-in. HD)
    - Lenovo IdeaPad G5070 (5942, Core i5 4210U, 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD R5 M230 2 GB, 1 TB HD, 15.6-in. HD)
    - Lenovo IdeaPad S410P (5939, Core i5 4200U, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 720M 2 GB, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)
    - Toshiba Satellite L40 (03BX, Core i5 4200U, 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD R7 M260 2 GB, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)

    The idea is to purchase a 2.5-in. SATA SSD and a 32 GB USB in advance, and upon purchase of your unit, ask the store to upgrade the notebook for you after creating a USB recovery key. This should not void the warranty, and you can set aside the spare drive for other uses.

    Once the drive has been replaced, you can choose a full factory restore option while booting from the USB recovery key -- if the imaging is robust enough, it will fit the required partitions into the new drive. There should be no concerns over data transfer and no need to get a separate 32 GB USB drive if you purchase a model without an OS or with Linux installed.
  • Hi bukod sa villman, may iba pa bang shop na nagbebenta ng lenovo Y50? ang mahal kasi 69k. pa PM na lang po kung bawal.
  • japoxs:

    At your budget, you could probably go derivatives of full powered mobile processors that are dual-core, such as the Pentium and Celeron xxxxs. It's important to note that with 2 grand more, you can avail of some quad-core versions of these CPUs which are more capable in multitasking and basic multimedia than their dual core cousins.

    For notebooks based on derived mobile processors, the following notebooks suit your budget:

    - Acer Aspire V5-131 (32NKK, IVB Celeron 1007U, 2GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 2500, 320 GB HD, 11.6-in. HD)
    - Acer Aspire V5-131 (32NSS, IVB Celeron 1007U, 2GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 2500, 320 GB HD, 11.6-in. HD)
    - Lenovo IdeaPad G480 (5936, IVB Celeron 1000M, 2 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 2500, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)

    For notebooks based on the latest derived Atom mobile SoCs, the following notebooks suit your budget:

    - ASUS X200 (238D, BT-M Celeron N2830, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 11.6-in. HD)

    If you avoid multitasking with multiple Flash apps or decoding multiple 1080p videos, these options should be capable of everything else to an extent.


    There might be a concept store at Cyberzone in Megamall. I remember seeing one the last time I was there.

    Edit: Sorry, I spelled your name wrong, ceeejey.

    -- edited by Nelko on Nov 19 2014, 02:38 PM
  • ^ thanks sir!
  • Sir Nelko thank you po sa reply nio, mejo nawala na po ako dun sa huling part haha..

    Tinignan ko po lahat ung mga models na sinuggest nio, also looked up lenovo Y50 na sinabi ni ceeejey.. mukang gusto ko po yun..

    Nakita ko po ito when i googled, mukang kaya ko naman po mag 49k.. but would like to know your opinion po kung okay to..

    Lenovo Y50 Laptop
    Windows 8.1
    4th Gen Intel Core i5-4200H Processor
    15.6" FHD LED AntiGlare Backlight (1920x1080)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 2GB
    8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz
    Hybrid 1TB 5400 RPM+8GB SSHD
    Intel Dual Band Wireless
    Bluetooth Version 4.0
    4 Hour Battery Life

  • Nelko:

    this help me alot sir. thank you very much po. by the way sir nelko when you say 2 grand more ito ba yung mga product na suggested mo kay chickenjoe sa page 270?

    - Acer Aspire E5-411 (C8M4, BT-M Celeron 2940, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)
    - Acer Travelmate B115 (C1YD, BT-M Celeron 2930, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 11.6-in. HD)
    - Acer Aspire Switch 10 (15W8, BT-T Atom Z3745, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 32 GB eMMC, 10.1-in. HD IPS TS, includes Office Student 2013 for free)
    - ASUS X451MA (VX10, BT-M Celeron 2930, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)

    yan po yung nabasa ko na models na binigay niyo. if mas ok kung magdagdag ako ng 2 more grand to do multitasking job mas ok na po na magdagdag. salamat po ulit.

    ps: sa gilmore lang po ba murang bilihan at available mga to?
  • zerelie:

    The 4200H is dual core, quad thread processor (2 cores, 4 threads), similar to the ULV CPUs. It has the hybrid drive you needed, and the 15-inch profile ensures you have a full keyboard with a keypad intact.

    It's a good purchase, but just as you said, you'll need to up your budget. At least by going this route, you'll be futureproofing some computing facets there.

    Happy shopping!
  • Siir Nelko,

    Nagandahan ako sa sinuggest ni dahwan( Dell 14R 5437 ). Differences aside, gusto ko lang makuha yung opinion nyo sir. Repost ko lang requirements ko sir

    - 25k-30k
    - Used mainly for programming. Means that keyboard typing should be comfortable as possible.
    - Games are nice but I very seldomly play. And if I do, it is just short bursts of DoTA 2.
    - 14" - 15.6" Non-negotiable
    - Should be removable/replaceable. Battery Life >>>>> Bulk/Build quality. I don't mind carrying a heavy laptop.
    - RAM should be upgradable. RAM is needed because of running some processes and lots of open tabs while programming

    -- edited by arvinsim on Nov 19 2014, 03:11 PM
  • Hi Sir Nelko,

    What can you say about an Acer Laptop with an AMD processor and graphics card? Just read your comment that Acer has heat problems and AMD also runs hot. May nakita na po kasi akong laptop na satisfoed naman ako sa iba niyang specs and this is within my budget. But I'm wary 'cause this might cause some problems in the future. I might do a lot of gaming on it and some programming. Invest na lang ba ako sa magandang cooling pad? Planning to buy second hand.

    Thanks po sa tips!
  • japoxs:

    Yes, these are examples. Not all of them are 2 grand more, however; in fact some may be well into 18 grand. The E5-411 and the X451 cost about 17 grand. These were quad-core options for student use.

    Gilmore is a good source to start with for notebook hunting, but it only ends there if you're looking for the cheapest brand new notebook. The good thing about that specific tech center is that due to price competition, you're bound to find a dirt cheap version of the same model in another neighboring store. Worst scenario would be that all of them are priced exactly the same.
  • arvinsim:

    I don't quite understand. You want opinions on the Inspiron 14R 5437? Or other options?


    To put this into perspective, let me tell you a story (I apologize if this seems long):

    In Acer's hayday, they sold Aspire G notebooks like hotcakes, as they were not only affordable notebooks with dedicated graphics options (I got a brand new Aspire 4720G at only 26,000 grand back in the day), but they also promised a level of upgradability that was unprecedented at the time. The processor and the GPU could be swapped for upgrade CPUs and GPUs, with no need for modifications or soldering.

    During this time, many new users adopted the life of mobile gaming. I was one of them, even while I was still pretty young and something of a desktop crusader. Of course, being new, many concepts in mobile computing care were alien to me, and this included avoiding gaming outside where its incredibly dusty, leaving the notebook switched on overnight in a closed room, or setting high performance power modes during mildly humid and hot (32 degrees Celsius) days.

    Others were braver than I was. They upgraded their Aspire Gs to the maximum (even beyond what was officially supported) without first giving consideration to the increased cooling required or giving way to BIOS mods that kept fans running at max. No, what was important was that they could go over the intended supported graphics cards and run cards meant for chassis with better cooling solutions.

    I first experienced the overheating 6 months into use. It's not as bad as the horror stories coming from HP (which I'd wager were exaggerated anyway), but 75 degrees Celsius was no joke. There were no symptoms. No performance drops, no hitches, no software errors -- nothing.

    A quick visit to the service center in Paco, Manila quickly taught me just how crowded it was inside the notebook, and that my cooling solution was heavily dependent on only 1 intake as the hard drive was heating up the air from the other intake. I discovered that not only was lint present, but the entire surface area around the fan was coated in a thin layer of dust that made contact with the air difficult.

    The tech leisurely explained to me what I was doing wrong: how I was operating the notebook in temperatures not considered room temperature; how I habitually charge the battery during compute intensive tasks; how hard-headed I was to insist running on performance modes when balance can grant the power it needed while reducing unneeded power consumption for when I leave the notebook alone; or, how I used notebook coolers but never once checked to see whether the intakes can still take in air. He also explained how I could do the maintenance myself (as long as nothing was damaged inside) and because of our humid climate, how I should regularly re-paste both components every six months at the most.

    To this day, some 4 years onward since the overheating issue, the 4720G still runs as it did the first day I bought it (which is slow, laughably, compared to the current generation of notebooks). It runs even warmer now if I turn it on in a room that is 60% humid at 34 degrees Celsius average. But as soon as the ambient temperatures are reduced to 24 degrees dehumidified, it runs happily at 50 degrees with airflow running outside of the notebook.

    Bottom line is, heating will always be there. A notebook overheats because its capacity to cool is hampered by something. Something that wasn't there before. Manufacturers don't have the leisure of testing their units in the middle of the Sahara for weeks at a time, so they test their units at their recommended environmental conditions -- the squeaky clean lab conditions.

    However, if at the first use, the notebook is already incredibly hot, then yes, overheating is the issue. But if it happens some time after you have comfortably used it, then the issue is maintenance.

    If you're still fearful of your unit having a problem, you can message me the item so I can take a gander at its facets.
  • Nelko:

    sir maraming salamat po. since students are multitasking people siguro e5-411 and x451 will also good for me. :)

    salamat po ulit.
  • Sir Nelko, I am sorry if I made my statement ambiguous. I just wanted to know what you think of the Inspiron 14R 5437.
  • arvinsim:

    The Inspiron 14R 5437 is pretty rare. If you can still find one for sale, it would be a good grab. You will delight in the features of that particular model at that price bracket. It's trumpeted as a desktop replacement, so I guess that pretty much sums up what it is.

    The Core i5 ULV CPU should give you the opportunity to balance your budget against a quad-thread CPU that's capable of TurboBoost. The added Optimus with the Intel HD Graphics 4400 is a nice touch. The build is similar to most 14R designs: the brushed finish with chrome logo. Of course, the cheaper versions use plastic and faux chrome.

    The battery has great capacity. 10 hours is a good estimate for the maximum savings setting, but this is only for the models without dedicated graphics. It's likely to hover around 8 to 9 hours as long as you keep it to the "Dell" power setting. Waves MaxxAudio is a nice touch, but you will rely on external speakers most of the time.

    Depending on the model, you might get one with Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC; otherwise you'll just have to settle for Dell Wireless N. The price factor hints that the wireless could be the latter.

    Due to the unit's age, it might still be on Windows 8, so you'll have to be prepared for the update to 8.1. This means uninstalling drivers for both video options and Bluetooth prior to the upgrade. Make a USB Recovery Key beforehand via Dell Recovery & Backup so if anything goes wrong, you've got an image to restore to.
  • Nelko:

    good evening sir :)

    nakapaghanap nako ng mga notebooks sa trinoma, gilmore, sm fairview at sm north. wala na po silang mga stock ng:

    - ASUS X451MA (VX10, BT-M Celeron 2930, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)
    - Acer Aspire E5-411 (C8M4, BT-M Celeron 2940, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD)

    ang tanging meron nalang po is:

    - Acer Travelmate B115 (C1YD, BT-M Celeron 2930, 2 GB RAM, IVB Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB HD, 11.6-in. HD)

    ok na kaya ito sir? gusto ko sana ng ASUS kaso wala na talaga.

    salamat po.
  • Hi sir nelko,

    I have read the previous threads that you were advising the asus x550 but my question is...

    Will it be okay if I'll buy the 2nd hand for my budget is only maxed at 30k..

    I'm looking for i7 cpu and 8g ram..

    I'll use it for movie editing and will be studying 3d maker as well.

    I might also do some gaming with high specs requirements..

    Need some help with this budget and if you can advice some alternatives for I am not planning in changing laptops for the next 5 years or so..


    -- edited by brycan on Nov 19 2014, 08:43 PM
  • Sir Nelko,

    Maraming salamat sir! Your feedback is very much appreciated :)

    I was interested in Lenovo G5070 but if I am not very much mistaken, it seems that it's battery is nonremovable.

    -- edited by arvinsim on Nov 19 2014, 08:59 PM
  • Nelko :

    Thanks Buddy! I bought the ASUS X550LN model. so far so good it is also recommended by my friend.

    Zerelie :

    We are both looking for the same laptop for programming and gaming use.... I bought the ASUS X550LN (i7 4510U, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, GT840 2GB, 15.6 inch LED)

    Again. Thank you very much Nelko! :)
  • japoxs:

    If the size is not too small for you, then by all means, it is a good choice for student work. Some would tend to use these sizes as a blessing: to prevent unwanted attention 10 to 12 inch notebooks would be hidden inside a notebook whose internal leaves were removed.


    Will it be okay if I'll buy the 2nd hand for my budget is only maxed at 30k..

    Yes, it is fine. But get enough questions in about who owned the unit before. Or what was it used for, and how long was it used for. Get an idea of the care given to the notebook, and you'll be able to consider if it is indeed worth the purchase.

    I'm looking for i7 cpu and 8g ram..

    I'll use it for movie editing and will be studying 3d maker as well.

    You're on the right track (as far as I know, because this is what I learned from video editors who asked me to help them choose a good notebook for their work). When you start transcoding multiple streams, you might want to up the ante a bit with an SSD as well.

    I might also do some gaming with high specs requirements..

    At your budget range, brand new notebooks would probably only net you Core i5 ULVs and GT 720Ms and GT 820Ms / Radeon HD R5s and R7s. These will do for entry-level gaming, but serious compromises will need to be made for higher-end gaming. So I suppose you're still referring to second-hand options.

    There may be some gems in the rough that is the IFS section in this site. Stick close to resellers as they are able to sell some of their units lower than retail price. Items like:

    - HP EliteBook 8470P (N/A, Core i7 3540M, 8 GB RAM, Radeon HD 7570M 1 GB, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD+) - the sweet spot; a business grade notebook with a full on quad-thread mobile processor, 8 GB of high-speed RAM and a Class 3 GPU to boot; could use an SSHD, though

    - HP Pavilion 14 (N/A, Core i5 4210U, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 830M 2 GB, 500 GB HD, 14-in. HD) - excellent video card for the budget tier; good balance of class 2 CPU and GPU though RAM is lacking and it still isn't a Core i7

    - Samsung Series 5 (N/A, Core i7 3517U, 6 GB RAM, GeForce GT 620M 1 GB, 24 GB / 1 TB SSHD, 14-in. HD) - Core i7, but not quite 8 GB yet; hybrid drive available with a Class 3 GPU

    ...begin popping out like bubbles.


    I'll get to checking your items based on your concerns. Hang on.

    Edit: Correction. The 7570M isn't certified.

    -- edited by Nelko on Nov 19 2014, 10:15 PM
  • Hey guys I'm currently using Lenovo G510 specs are as follows:
    processor: i7 4700MQ
    ram: 4gb ram
    hard drive: 1 tb
    operating system: windows 8.1

    I'm currently experiencing some hiccup/lag on my machine, I've noticed that randomly there is a delay when typing like I already hit 5 -10 keys on the keyboard but screen only shows few. I suspect its the hard drive since I had a traditional hard drive and not an ssd.

    any suggestions??? or someone experience the keyboard delay???
  • I'll be getting the asus then. Thank you so much for your feedback Nelko! =)
  • RE n2940 with 2gb ram

    Mukang may nagtatanong regarding budget laptops with this processor. I'm quite contented with it na for simple browsing while watching movies. kung ang activities lang is watching hd movie on one side of the screen and browsing through chrome with around 10 tabs on the other side, ok na sya. pag samahan ko pa ng background acronis backup or copy files bumabagal na yung process sa background (yung acronis or copy files).

    kung ang gamit nyo lang is parang netbook before then 2940 is already sufficient.

    yung acer e5-411 ko sa Cubao area ko nabili, baka meron pa rin doon ngayon.
  • Just bought a Lenovo Flex 2 (14).
    Video Card 4G Nvidia 840M.
    Backlit keybord

    Ask ko lang kung meron bang ganitong video card at yung backlit keyboard di naman nagana? Di kya typo errors lang yung sa box at sa mga marketing stickers ng lenovo. Ito pa naman yung napili kong laptop kasi dahil sa dalawang reason na ito.
    (Nag confirm din yung salesman regarding this specs)
  • hi sirs, can you recommend me a laptop worth 30k that can be used to develop apps and do some light gaming? thanks.
  • Hi again Sir/Ma'am Nelko, I just bought what laptop you suggested to me (Toshiba L850). It was more than enough, kayang kaya yung mga games na nilalaro ko at 60+ fps. Hindi masyadong nag iinit kahit naglalaro ka, yung palm rest sakto lang, hindi ganun kainit, kaso hindi ako nagagandahan sa case nya, ang daling magasgasan kaya dapat doble ingat sa pag gamit at tsaka yung keyboard pansin ko na hindi ganun kaganda gamitin. Pero ok lang, hindi naman ako maarteng tao, mas importante sa akin ung specs ng laptop, siguro masasanay rin ako dito.

    Thank you po ulit.

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