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The PSU Thread: New Products and Reviews

  • Salamat bro. Actually upgrade na ren ako VC.
    Try ko muna change VC.
  • what's cheapest psu para sa gagawin kong rig

    intel i3 haswell + GTX750?

    thanks 2k less lang budget ko
  • Seasonic Eco 400 or 500
  • Aerocool (Strike X) 500watts 80+ Bronze 2.2k sa suki

    eto parang type ko ung design?

    pwede na kaya yan?
    tutal bibili rin ako ng aerocool na atx
  • 500w competitors: - Most hotly contested segment because most pc's don't need more than 500w!

    Standard Models: - From trash to gems!
    1. AcBel CE2-500w <-- 450w being sold as a 500w unit, short cables, poor connectors, & horrid grey paint!
    2. Acbel iPower 510 <-- 450w being labelled with its 510w peak power, no sleeving, and short cables too!
    3. Aerocool Strike X 500w <-- Available in modular and non-modular versions. Lack of autovolt feature means that the actual unit sold locally is NOT 80+ compliant as opposed to the claim in their website.
    4. Aerocool Templarius Imperator 550w <-- seller's picture betrays the fact that the locally sold unit lacks autovolt capability. Another falsely labelled unit from Aerocool.. Wonder what else they took out?
    5. Aerocool VP-500 Pro <-- reminiscent of the Zalman 500GS unit, this also comes with a white fan and is similarly made by CWT.. Hmm. The 120,000 hrs MTBF is an interesting claim to make. A better choice than the Strike X 500w methinks.
    6. Antec VP-550w <--Made by Delta, really great but could have been better with full-range input voltage.. This is a true 550w unit though..
    7. CM Elite V2 500w <-- made by Solytech and is pretty much the same as the TT Litepower 500w (LT-500P) and is mediocre at best.
    8. CM EXtreme 2 525 <-- 475w being passed off as 525w (Max Power). It's made by Enhance and should only be bought with caution. Goes head-to-head with the FSP Hexa and Corsair VS.
    9. CM Extreme Power Plus 500w <-- made by AcBel, known for short cabling and not being able to deliver its rated wattage. Extremely bad!
    10. CM Thunder M 520w <-- made by CWT and is actually quite well made A bit expensive since I can already get a 80+ certified psu (but non-modular) for the same price..
    11. Corsair VS-550w <-- made by CWT and goes head-to-head with the Antec VP-550P. Very basic but comes with a 3-yr Corsair warranty!
    12. Cougar ST 500w <-- Rapter II cousin comes with an APFC circuit and slightly better internals. Taiwanese caps were used inside..
    13. Cougar SL 500w <-- Latest cat on the block from HEC features autovoltage but sans APFC and 80+ certification. Very affordable due to low connector count and no-frills included. Very basic but is better than the ST methinks..
    14. Crown Challenger 500w <-- Boasts a 5-year local warranty and looks every bit a dressed-up generic psu, this 450w psu should not be your first choice. Buy with caution.
    15. Enermax NAXN Tomahawk II 500w <-- made by CWT and comes in 3 variants. The model available locally has NO PFC circuit and is NOT autovolt. Blah!
    16. EZCOOL Digital 500w <-- fake 80+ sticker easily betrayed by its 220v input voltage. Another overpriced, dressed-up generic psu..
    17. FSP Hexa 500w <-- re-badged FSP Saga that isn't white! Great build but is 200~240v input only. I wish it came with a white fan though..
    18. FSP Supersonic 500w <-- The king of hit-or-miss, make sure to eyeball & research before buying! You just might find a gem..
    19. Gigabyte Superb 550 <-- Don't let the name fool you, this is an entry-level psu only. 450w pretending to be a 500w. Buy with caution.
    20. Gigabyte Odin 585 <-- 460w psu intentionally named with its Max power. It's made by FSP so I guess its okay.. Hehehe.
    21. HEC Rapter II 500w <-- often falsely advertised as 80+ certified but it is not. Who cares? Do you? Mediocre at best..
    22. Huntkey Green Power 500w <-- refreshed V-Power series now complies to ATX 2.3 specs and less than 1w standby power. Avoid.
    23. Huntkey Green Power 550w <-- refreshed V-Power series now complies to ATX 2.3 specs and less than 1w standby power. Avoid.
    24. Huntkey GS 550w <-- a different unit fromt he one that blew up in Hardware Secrets, this one goes head-to-head with the FSP Hexa.
    25. iMaster PRO 5500 500w <-- really cheap hit has outdated design and is known for not delivering its rated wattage and burning mobo mosfets. Avoid.
    26. iMaster Pro SLi 500w <-- the addition of pcie power connectors & sleeving jacks up the price of an otherwise risky buy. Avoid.
    27. PowerChoice 550w <-- UL number of E199529 says that this was made by Casing Macron of Taiwan.. Definitely better than iMaster generic!
    28. PowerLogic 550w Slim <-- Same old generic psu but in a slimmer, more compact housing.
    29. Seasonic ECO SS-500BT <-- This is an oem unit much like the SS-500ES which is no longer available. Comes with a decent 3-year local warranty though.
    30. TT Litepower 500w <-- Avoid the old models! The new units (LT-500P) by Solytech is greatly improved. It's still mediocre and 500w is its peak power only.. Gawin mong lite!
    31. TT Smart Power SE 530w <-- Hybrid modular psu made by CWT claims 87% efficiency and is NOT 80+ certified due to the lack of autovoltage feature. It can probably deliver its rated wattage, but probably not for a long time..
    32. TT TR2 500w <-- W0379RU by HEC is mediocre at best. Sweetened only by a 5-year TT warranty. Unless you find the TR-500P model or the Qfan variant.. Research first before buying.
    33. Zalman ZM500-GS <-- made by CWT and sports a fancy white cooling fan and is fully-sleeved.. Its not autovolt but I think its okay if you're on a tight budget. Decent.
    34. Zalman ZM500-LE <-- really low-end stuff compared to the GS. No white fan, no pfc circuit, no full sleeving, and is not autovolt. Blah! Avoid unless you really have no other choice.

    80+ Certified - Does 80+ certification matter?
    1. Antec Basiq BP-500U <-- Great entry-level psu known for its reliability and affordability.
    2. Antec Neo Eco 520w <-- re-badged Seasonic S12, comes in modular and non-modular variants.
    3. Antec HCG 520w <-- Its a re-badged Seasonic M12 but there are a few sellers of this hard-to find modular psu..
    4. Antec TP550 <-- a re-badged Seasonic M12, this is a solid performer with great hybrid-modular cabling.
    5. CM GX II 550w Bronze <-- still made by Enhance, and now comes with standby power usb charging feature and better connector count! Great value!
    6. CM Silent Pro M 500w <-- Outgoing workhorse is quite good - a bit hard to find nowadays.
    7. Corsair CX500w <-- Get the V2 model if you want great value-for-money. Also comes in modular version!
    8. Corsair VX550 <-- a bit hard to come by, this CWT-made psu comes with a great 5-year warranty! A tad expensive though..
    9. Cougar PowerX 550w <-- HEC finally throws in something for the fanboys. This looks like a corrected RS-550w and has a different layout but probably uses the same topology. Great performance marred by previously questionable build quality..
    10. Enermax NAXN 82+ 550w <-- made by CWT and has an excellent review. A bit pricey and the warranty is only 3 years..
    11. EVGA Supernova 500B <-- made by HEC and comes with a 3-year warranty (with online registration). Buy with caution.
    12. Fractal Design Integra M 550w <-- made by ATNG which is known for middle-of-the-road offerings. Not exactly cheap but has a lot of bells and whistles in the looks department.
    13. FSP Blue Lighting 500w <-- great all-around unit that isn't blue on the outside! A bit rare nowadays as the Raiders take over..
    14. FSP Raider 550w <-- ho-hum matte finish, long cables, and Taiwanese caps. High efficiency because of modern internal design. Great value!
    15. Gigabyte GreenMax 550w <-- made by Acbel and is most likely a rebadged AcBel iPower 660. Its was tested at 600w by 80plus.
    16. Gigabyte LC500 <-- CWT-made oem brother of the Powerock is all business. Great value for business users.
    17. Gigabyte PoweRock 500w <-- A LC500 rounded with sleeving and PEG connectors. Not exactly cheap though..
    18. Gigabyte Superb E570 <-- A 460w psu falsely labelled with its 570w peak power. Not so bad performance though..
    19. HEC RS-550w <-- HEC-550-TE is the name, this is the 550w sibling of the Rapter II's progenitor. This is a true 550w unit though..
    20. Huntkey Jumper 500w <-- not exactly cheap for a 500w psu. Maybe because its actually a 600w psu?!
    21. Huntkey Jumper 550w <-- a 650w psu being sold as 550w! WOOT! No wonder its expensive! Great review!
    22. Raidmax Blackstone 500w <-- Entry level psu from Andyson is probably a what proper Templarius Imperator should be. Stands out with its white theme and turbo fan switch. Great price too!
    23. Raidmax Cobra RX-500AF-B <-- Single rail brother of the Blackstone loses the turbo fan switch and sports a fancy green fan. Strangely more expensive but is still very affordable.
    24. Seasonic S12-II 520w <-- Monster! 5-year local distro support is a killer!
    25. Seasonic M12-II 520w <-- Monster! 5-year local distro support is a killer! EVO variant adds full modularity.
    26. SS Strider ST50F-ES <-- great single rail competitor. Best value so far for a Silvertone unit. But the oem is mediocre..
    27. SS Strider ST50F-P <-- a bit expensive. this replaces the outgoing ST50F-230. Modular cabling + filtering caps on the wires! FTW!
    28. TT Smart Power 530w <-- made by HEC and it seems to be okay. I think its a re-badged but tweaked HEC RS-550w..
    29. TT Smart Power 550w <-- modular psu made by CWT to go head-to-head with the M12-II. Hmm. I like it.
    30. TT TR2 500w (TR-500P) <-- new generation TR2 is a re-badged FSP Epsilon 85+
    31. XFX Pro Core Edition 550w <-- based on the Seasonic S12-II and priced like the M12-II, expect it to be a solid performer though.
    32. Zalman ZM500-GT <-- pcb suggests that this was made by FSP. Kinda reminds me of the OCZ SxS units that were also made by FSP..

    80+ Gold - Grabba gold!
    1. Enermax Revolution 87+ 550w <-- The old king of the hill is back?! But the emperor is already in the house.. Expensive.
    2. CM Silent Pro Gold 550w <-- based on the FSP's Aurum line of psu's, expect straight up performance at a decent price!
    3. Corsair CS 550w <-- oem by Great Wall is actually quite affordable for a Corsair psu! The caveat? It only has a 3-year warranty.
    4. Corsair RM 550w <-- made by CWT and is a bit expensive because of full modularity and Corsair Link compatibility.
    5. FSP Aurum 500w <-- You gotta have the moolah if you want gold. Quite cheap for a gold-certified unit though..
    6. FSP Aurum CM 550w <-- modularized aurum has slightly more power? Great value for a Gold psu!
    7. FSP Aurum Xilenser 500w <-- whisper quiet + very efficient = FTW! You'll need good casing airflow for this one.
    8. NZXT Hale90 550w v1 <-- made by SuperFlower, these guys are expensive! Gold certified and rare, this is a true 550w unit though..
    9. Raidmax Cobra RX-500AE <-- Made by Andyson and offers great value but is of rather untested pedigree..
    10. Seasonic G-550 550w <-- Seasonic finally breaks its silence and releases an affordable Aurum rival! Whoa!
    11. Seasonic X-series 560w <-- You have save up your money for one of the best units around. Expensive? Solid? Check!
    12. TT Toughpower 550w Gold <-- Pics indicate that its a DC-DC psu made by FSP. Another re-badged Aurum?

    80+ Platinum - Plati-whaaat?!
    1. Antec Earthwatts Platinum 550w <-- probably an aurum variant modded for platinum certification. Expensive? You bet! Pretty hard to find though..
    2. Seasonic P-520FL <-- And the new king of the fanless hill arrives with platinum certification and awesome 7-year local warranty coverage. Nice!

    This listing is only for locally-available units. Use it as a guide if you will but the comments are purely my opinion. So please take it with a grain of salt. =)
  • quick question
    ano mas okay Corsair 450w or FSP HEXA 450 400w?

    bibili na sana ako ngayon
  • Wala ng nbbli na hexa, puro hexa+ na. May 2014 review na yung unang labas ng hexa+ walang OCP altho nakalagay sa box na meron. Nag release ang fsp ng statement na internal error lang, icocorrect nila by units shipping in November 2014. No idea kung yung locally available e ok na.

    Internals at performance mas ok Hexa+ base sa reviews.

    Di mo ba kayang stretch budget? +400 na lang naka seasonic eco ka na.
  • Share ko lang power draw ng PC ko. Dami ko kasi nakikita na nagtatanong kung sapat ba ang 500-watt / 600-watt PSU para sa PC na may "X" CPU at "Y" GPU

    Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.2 GHz (1.085 Vcore)
    Gigabyte GTX 970 mini-ITX <click here for link>
    Gigabyte Z97-D3H
    G. Skill Trident X 4GBx2 DDR3 2400
    1x 2TB HDD
    1x 1TB HDD
    3x 120mm fan
    1x 92mm fan
    Corsair HX 620 (bought last August 2009)

    While running Crysis 3 @ 1080p, Very High, peak power draw reading is 310 watts according to my Volt Craft Energy Logger 3500

    -- edited by bintsmok on Apr 13 2015, 06:34 PM
  • finally got the seasonic evo m12II 520w and luckily walang nadamay sa ibang parts ng pc ko thank GOD!
  • magtanong lang, normal ba na may ground ang casing ng computer? kahit bago pa psu?
    iyong seasonic ko kahit naka unplug na power socket nya may ground pa din. nakakasira ba ito sa computer?
  • @Arnold787

    normal ba na may ground ang casing ng computer?


    nakakasira ba ito sa computer?


    Suspect ko yung mobo plate or dumidikit yung mobo sa casing mo sir
  • Arnold787
    magtanong lang, normal ba na may ground ang casing ng computer? kahit bago pa psu?
    iyong seasonic ko kahit naka unplug na power socket nya may ground pa din. nakakasira ba ito sa computer?

    Add ko lang sa sinabi ni fakuryu...

    Usually may residual charge pa ang PSU even after unplugging it from the power socket. Suggestion ko unplug mo yung PSU from your AVR / UPS then turn on the PSU switch. Leave it turned on for about 3-5 minutes para mawala ang charge kung meron. Sometimes I check the LED lights ng motherboard and confirm na kapag nag-off na ang lights totally wala na ang power. Then test again for ground by touching the case or the PSU enclosure. (Mas maganda siguro kung may tester ka pero hindi ako marunong gumamit hehe)

    One more thing...

    Check your monitor and unplug the video cable from the video output. Dati nung nag troubleshoot ako ng ground sa case, kahit naka power-off and unplugged ang PSU meron parin ako nararamdaman. Then I noticed na kapag nag-touch yung DVI cable ng monitor to the videocard bracket may tiny sparks. Ayun... grounded na pala yung DVI connection ng lumang monitor ko so I switched to analog connection muna (D-Sub / VGA) habang nagtingin ng bagong monitor.
  • Mga sir, patulong lang po. balak ko po kasi palitan ung GTX 560 ti ko ng GTX 970 . Gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede na ung dati kong PSU na 500 watts, sabi nung pinagbilan ko True rated naman daw ung PSU ko. Kung papalitan ko po ano po kaya?

    PC Specs
    i7 3770
    h61m-p33 (MOBO)
    2x4gb ddr3
    2x500gb HD

  • @halzen27

    Ano yung current na PSU mo?
  • Review: Deepcool DQ750 Evo Quanta <click here for link>

    External Image

    The Good
    Good performance
    Above-average regulation
    Quiet fan at low loads
    Five-year warranty

    The Bad
    No manual in box
    Not widely available in UK
    No SATA-only cables
  • @fakuryu

    psu po na 600w tas true rated daw sabi nung pinabilan ko, great wall ang tatak.

    thanks. Bumili na po ako okay naman pero dapat po ba sa set up ko na ganyan di bababa ng 59-60fps ung BF4 (ultra)
  • Guys, ask ko lang kung okay na ba ang Corsair VS550 specs below:

    1xUSB 3.0 portable hdd
    1x120mm fan (rear)
    4790k (planning to OC it slightly +200~300Mhz)
    GTX 970 (planning to OC it slightly +120~150Mhz)
  • More than enough.. =)

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