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Post your monitor problems here

  • Ano po problem pag yun monitor ko parang may mga shadows yun letters? sakit sa mata e.
  • @wattz

    sir try mo glawin yung vga cable mo or palitan mo n ng bago...cable lang yan
  • mga sirs ask ko lang po kung anu ang volts ng adaptor ng sa100 na 19 inches at kung san po pwede makabili
  • Monitor: Samsung 2333HD
    Problem/s: Yung edge ng screen monitor (particularly upper-right) is namumuti.. Kapag matagal nang ginagamit, lumalaki yung puti nito. This was around 6mo. ago, until then hindi ko na ginamit. Nangamoy sunog na rin ito dati and mabilis nga pala uminit. I'm checking it right now, nag-fflicker pa rin yung monitor and may something pa rin sa upper-right.

    A year ago, pinaayos namin sa local technician ito kasi nag-iba yung kulay - naging blackish. So sabi ni local technician is may pumutok daw na bulb. Pero yung bulb na nilagay niya is hindi para sa 23" dahil mahirap daw maghanap nun kaya yung para sa 22" (yata) ang nilagay niya. Result is, naging okay siya pero naging brighter lahat.. 'di na ganun ka-vivid yung colors
  • gusto ko po sana magDual-Monitor setup kaso parehas VGA ung monitor ko.

    ung CPU ko, DVI(used) HDMI, at DisplayPort ang kaya ng VideoCard ko.

    if bibili ako ng adapter para sa next monitor anong adapter? DisplayPort to VGA? or HDMI to VGA?

    External Image
    = 480
    External Image
    = 580

    Thanks! :D

    -- edited by catalyztz13 on Mar 03 2014, 11:23 PM
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  • Hi TPC'ers.

    I hope it's just fine to post this inquiry here..

    Here's the scneario.

    I am running a netbook (eMachines EMD250) on Windows 7.
    **Plugged in is a USB to PS2 to connect my mouse and keyboard
    **connected my LED monitor via VGA cable.

    The set-up is running for more than 2 years na..

    Kahapon, bigla hindi ma-detect yung LED monitor.

    The following are the 1st thing I did:
    **removed the VGA cable to see if the netbook is still working. THE NETBOOK WORKS FINE without the monitor connected
    **changed the VGA cable, no effect. still not display.
    **plugged in the 1st VGA cable to my TV, its working;
    **plugged in the 2nd VGA cable to my TV, its working;

    pagbalik ko ulet ng VGA cable sa LED monitor, wala talaga display.

    Nailaw pa naman yung power button ng led monitor ko.

    Help sirs?

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