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Washing Machine fully automatic owner! ano po kayang magandang & matibay na brand???

  • @dm1179

    Marami kasing low end WM models ang Sharp, yung mga plastic body. Yun ang market share nya, economy market. Pero kung metal body, LG and Samsung may malaking market share.
  • anung okay na bang for the buck ( spinner or Dryer )

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  • You can tell which market each brand dominates by the number of products it has per market class.

    Fully Automatic Washing Machines

    Sharp http://www.sharp.ph/product/washingmachine/automatic/index.html

    Panasonic http://www.panasonic.com/ph/consumer/household-appliances/washing-machine/fully-auto.html

    LG http://www.lg.com/ph/washing-machines/all-washing-machines

    Samsung http://www.samsung.com/ph/consumer/home-appliances/washing-machines/filter/

    Based on the link I cited there is a remaining 26% of minor brands.
  • Front Loading Versus Top-Loading

    If you’re in the market to buy a new washer, one of the first decisions you’ll want to make is whether to buy a top-loading or a front- loading washing machine. Front-loading automatic washing machines are fully automatic and most expensive to buy. One of the greatest advantages of the front-loading machines is supposed to be their water and energy efficiency. In an increasingly environmentally-aware marketplace, this is an important aspect. However, Consumer VOICE laboratory tests show that while front-loading machines are indeed true to their water-efficiency promise, the same cannot be said about their energy consumption.

    While a top-loading machine requires enough water to cover all the clothes in its drum, a front-loading washer needs only a third of that amount because its drum is set vertically in the machine. As the drum turns, it uses gravity to drop the clothes back into the water. And while a top-loading machine will empty the soapy water and refill for a rinse agitation cycle, a front-loading machine just sprays clean water through the scoops in the drums on the load as the drum continues to turn, saving gallons.

    Clothing life: There’s no question that agitators are tough on your clothes. Because only gravity is at work in a front-loading machine, you’ll save a lot of wear and tear on your laundry, extending the life of your clothes and linens.

    Cost: In this department, the front-loading washer is at a significant disadvantage. Typically, they cost upwards of twenty thousand rupees as compared to between ten to fifteen thousands rupees of cost of top-loaders and just about seven thousand rupees for semi- automatic washing machines.

    Ease of use: If bending or kneeling is difficult for you, stay with a top-loading machine. You’ll need to kneel or bend to load the clothes as well as remove the wet load from a front-loading washer.

    Last-minute lid-flipping: We have all run back to the washing machine to toss in a just-found pair of socks or T-shirt after the machine has started. But with most front-loading machine, there’s no turning back (‘delayed start’ feature) once you push the start button. The door locks until the cycle has ended. There are, however, a few models that allow a few seconds to add a garment, but once that light or time has elapsed, your clothing has to wait for the next load.

    Heavy and shifty: Front-loading machines are heavy and weigh more than 70 kgs as compared to top-loaders that weigh less than half. This heavy weight is due to the in-built concrete counter weights added to the machine to balance the machine during spin cycles. When Consumer VOICE tested machines for over 6 months, we found that front-loading machines tend to shift a lot from the place of their installation during the spin-cycle. Users should keep this aspect in mind while standing near a washing machine.

    Be prepared for high repair costs: Front-loading machines are not only expensive to buy, they are also costliest to repair.

    Source: http://consumer-voice.org/comparative-product-testing/DURABLE-GOODS/Washing-Machine2008

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  • Anyone with a front loading Samsung or LG with Direct Drive Inverter?

    Has yours broken down? If so, how much was repairs?

    How is the power consumption?


    A bit of trivia on who are the players in the Philippine washing machine market and their respective market share.

    27% - Sharp http://www.sharp.ph/product/washingmachine/automatic/index.html
    20% - Panasonic http://www.panasonic.com/ph/consumer/household-appliances/washing-machine/fully-auto.html
    16% - LG http://www.lg.com/ph/washing-machines/all-washing-machines
    11% - Samsung http://www.samsung.com/ph/consumer/home-appliances/washing-machines/filter/

    Published May 2015.


    Things of note about the market share

    - All unmentioned brands occupy 26% of the Philippine washing machine market
    - Sharp does not have any inverter or front loading models
    - Panasonic has only one front loading model. No inverter models
    - LG/Samsung have front loading inverter, top loading inverter and twin tub systems.

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  • Ano po kaya ang sira kung ang washing machine ay hindi na kumukuha ng tubig sa inlet? naka bukas naman po ang gripo. dati kasi kapag loading ng tubig natunog sya at naglalabas ng tubig sa soap bin. kahit walang tubig umuugong siya which indicates na it is trying to load water. just recently po tumigil na siya, mahal po kaya pa repair nito?
  • HI All,

    For those who are interested sa pedestal/base ng washing machine, nagpagawa kami ng angular bar for the frames and foothold ng washing machine na topload (Panasonic model stated on previous Page). Then yung legs nya ay steel pipes with rubber boots on its feet. The base was painted with primer (epoxy type if i remember it correctly) as protection from corrosion.

    So far, it is stable even on high spin action and as it slows down.
  • ihsemo, photo pls
  • @ dolina,

    Here are some of the photos. Limited ang angles naka deploy na kasi hehe.

    Right side (Facing the WM)
    External Image

    Corner with the foothold
    External Image

    View of Leg with boots =)
    External Image

    External Image

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