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Diablo III Official Thread (FAQ on Page 1 / No Trading, Whining, Piracy, Botting)

  • Top barbs are using the bugged HOTA bracers. It gives 2x your IAS for 3s that's supposed to be added only for HOTA swings (much like Frenzy), but instead affects all(?) skills. In case of WW builds, it (WW) snapshots the bonus IAS, so they're proccing nados extremely fast, I think 3x more without the said bracers, each nado hitting like 15x per second and each crit of it can land anywhere between 600m and 1b. Without the bracers, I think barbs will top out at around 65-68 with the current PTR iteration.
  • PTR Patch 2.3 Update July 21
    <click here for link>

    Kanai's Cube can now only convert items of sets with a minimum of 3 pieces
    Torment VII-X can now only be accessed by level 70 characters
    Torment VII-X public games can now only be accessed by players that meet a Paragon level requirement
    Torment VII requires a Paragon level over 100
    Torment VIII requires a Paragon level over 150
    Torment IX requires a Paragon level over 200
    Torment X requires a Paragon level over 250
    Torment VII-X have new Gold Find bonus values

    Adventure Mode
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue that prevented all players in a game from receiving a bonus cache

    The Helltooth Harness (6) Set damage bonus now applies to the skills cast by Grin Reaper mimics
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue that prevented the DoT damage from Wall of Death - Fire Wall and Ring of Poison from refreshing the duration of the Helltooth (4) and (6) Set Bonuses
    Fixed an issue that prevented the Spirit of Arachyr (4) Set damage bonus from lasting for the entire duration of the toad summoned by Hex - Toad of Hugeness
    Fixed an issue that caused item repairs to be greatly inflated
    Fixed an issue that prevented items created by Kanai's Cube from being account bound
    Fixed an issue that allowed players to upgrade Rare items lower than level 70 to Legendary items
    Fixed an issue that caused crafted items to have no level requirement
    Fixed an issue that prevented Kanai's Cube recipes from working with follower items

    Further adjustments have been made to the amount of progress monsters grant in Nephalem and Greater Rifts
    Rift Guardian health has been slightly increased
    Now has a specific animation for his knockback attack
    Reduced the distance of his knockback
    Fissures now spawn faster has he loses health
    Reduced fissure duration
    Fissures now constantly fire mortars


    Active Skills
    Battle Rage
    Skill Rune - Swords to Ploughshares
    Now also heals your pets
    Threatening Shout
    Skill Rune - Falter
    Has been redesigned
    Enemies take 30% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds
    Passive Skills
    No Escape
    Damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
    Minimum distance reduced from 20 to 15 yards
    These bonuses now also apply to Avalanche
    Resource Cost Reduction granted reduced from 75% to 50%
    Now doubles your Life per Fury Spent while active


    Active Skills
    Falling Sword
    You will now arrive at your targeted location sooner after casting Falling Sword
    You can now cast again sooner after casting Falling Sword

    Witch Doctor

    Active Skills
    Acid Cloud
    You can now cast again sooner after casting Acid Cloud
    Skill Rune - Corpse Bomb
    Damage increased from 525% to 700% weapon damage
    Skill Rune - Lob Blob Bomb
    Damage from individual blobs can now stack
    Big Bad Voodoo
    Skill Rune - Ghost Trance
    Now reduces damage taken by 20%
    Damage increased from 425% to 475% weapon damage
    Initial Mana cost has been removed
    Channeling Mana cost has been increased from 70 to 125 Mana
    Skill Rune - Cloud of Bats
    Damage radius increased from 8 to 12 yards
    Reduced the channeling duration required to reach maximum damage
    Skill Rune - Hungry Bats
    Damage increased from 635% to 750% weapon damage per bat
    Skill Rune - Plague Bats
    Final damage increased from 638% to 720% weapon damage
    Reduced the channeling duration required to reach maximum damage
    Grasp of the Dead
    Damage increased from 560% to 760% weapon damage
    Skill Rune - Desperate Grasp
    Cooldown reduced from 6 to 4 seconds
    Skill Rune - Grasping Eels
    Damage increased from 880% to 1360% weapon damage
    Skill Rune - Unbreakable Grasp
    Now also removes the Mana cost
    Wall of Zombies
    Has been removed
    Replaced with:
    Wall of Death
    The damage area has been increased to more closely match the visual
    You can now cast again sooner after casting Wall of Death
    Zombie Charger
    Casting animation has been slightly sped up
    You can now cast again sooner after casting Zombie Charger
    Skill Rune - Explosive Beast
    Explosion damage increased from 532% to 680% weapon damage
    Explosion radius increased from 9 to 12 yards
    Skill Rune - Lumbering Cold
    Damage increased from 196% to 280% weapon damage
    Skill Rune - Pile On
    Damage increased from 800% to 880% weapon damage
    Skill Rune - Undeath
    Damage increased from 360% to 480% weapon damage
    Skill Rune - Zombie Bears
    Damage increased from 392% to 400% 520% weapon damage
    Passive Skills
    Confidence Ritual
    New Passive Skill
    You deal 25% additional damage to enemies within 20 yards
    Fierce Loyalty
    Half of the 30% Movement Speed bonus is now granted while you have a Zombie Dog, Gargantuan, or Fetish following you, even if they are in combat
    Spiritual Attunement
    Mana regeneration increased from 1% to 2% per second


    Passive Skills
    Unstable Anomaly
    Has been redesigned
    When you receive fatal damage, you instead gain a shield equal to 400% of your maximum Life for 5 seconds and release a shockwave that knocks enemies back and Stuns them for 3 seconds.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue causing many pets to regenerate less Life per Second than intended


    Class-Specific Items
    Bracers of Destruction
    Seismic Slam deals 300-400% increased damage to the first 5 enemies it hits
    Bracers of the First Men
    New Legendary Bracers
    Hammer of the Ancients attacks 50% faster and deals 150-200% increased damage
    Pride of Cassius
    Now also extends the duration of Ignore Pain - Mob Rule
    Shenlong's Spirit
    (2) Set Bonus
    The damage of your Spirit Generators is increased by 2% for each point of Spirit you have
    When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 100%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit
    Witch Doctor
    Coils of the First Spider
    Gain 30% damage reduction while channeling Firebats
    Jeram's Bracers
    New Legendary Bracers
    Increases the attack speed of Wall of Death by 30%
    Note: This will not be reflected in the item's tooltip
    Helltooth Harness
    Has been redesigned
    (2) Set Bonus
    Enemies hit by any skill listed in the (6) Set Bonus are afflicted by Necrosis becoming Slowed and taking 1000% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds
    Necrosis causes afflicted enemies to take 15% increased damage from all sources
    (6) Set Bonus
    After casting wall of Death you gain 300% increased damage to your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Firebats, Gargantuan, Grasp of the Dead, Piranhas, Wall of Death, Zombie Charger, and Zombie Dogs for 12 seconds
    This effect stacks up to 3 times
    Spirit of Arachyr
    New Set
    (2) Set Bonus
    Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 2500% weapon damage per second over 5 seconds and slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.
    (6) Set Bonus
    The damage of your creature skills is increased by 800%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Firebats, Hex, Locust Swarm, Piranhas, and Plague of Toads.
    SuWong Diviner
    New Legendary Staff
    Acid Cloud gains the effect of the Lob Blob Bomb rune
    Rolls with +45-60% Acid Cloud damage
    Vyr's Amazing Arcana
    Has been redesigned
    (4) Set Bonus
    Has been swapped with Fazula's Improbable Chain
    Archon stacks also increase your Attack Speed, Armor and resistances by 1%
    Witch Doctor
    Legendary Power added
    Reduces the Mana cost of Zombie Charger by 30-40%
    Rolls with 30-40% increased Zombie Charger damage
    New Seasonal Legendary Items
    Note: The following Seasonal items will be not be available to PC players until Season 4 begins and will be available exclusively to Seasonal characters until the conclusion of Season 4
    Bane of the Stricken
    New Legendary Gem
    Damage bonus is increased by 0.02% per rank
    Sacred Harness
    New Legendary Belt
    Judgment - Debilitate is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword
    Fazula's Improbable Chain
    New Legendary Belt
    Has been swapped with Vyr's Amazing Arcana (4) Set Bonus
    You automatically start with 40-50 Archon stacks when entering Archon form


    Second floor bounties will now show 15 remaining enemies instead of 5
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue that prevented players who were in a game where a Greater Rift was in progress, but were not participating in the rift from changing their skills


    Reflects Damage
    Now has a warning visual for a short time before dealing damage
    Now reflects damage of the same type that was dealt
    Now has a very short internal cooldown
    Rift Guardians
    Wave attack range has been increased
    Wave attack now has a longer animation before it is cast
    Electrified affix has been removed
    Lighting storm strikes now create a charged bolt
    Lighting storm now strikes more times per cast
    Can no longer have two lightning storms active at once
    Can now cast lightning storms more frequently when below 75% health
    The lightning storm ground visual now persists for the entire duration of the attack
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue that caused Eskandiel's wave attack to hit players standing behind him at very close range
  • Kanai's Cube Preparation Guide (RoS Patch 2.3) Video
    <click here for link>
  • ^^^
    Nanibago na ako tito Boy sa D3, kakalaro ng HotS hahaha!!
  • Hehe zidane balik ka nlng pag patch 2.3 na, ndi ko alam kng tumatanda lng ako, pro diablo 3 n hearthstone nlng nilalaro ko, dati lahat ng rpg, fps, gta v, tinatapus ko ngyn casual gamer nlng, sulpot sulpot hehe
  • ^^
    Ganun talaga pag tumatanda na, dumadami na priorities sa buhay. Ako pag may time laro sa Heroes kahit vs AI lang para stress free tapos habang merienda Hearthstone naman.

    Pag bumalik na sa D3 sa patch 2.3, baka mawala na uli Heartstone. D3 & Heroes na lang (daily quest). Kaya nagpipigil bumili ng SC2 LotV baka di rin malaro kahit sayang ung mga freebies content.
  • ^^
    Ganun talaga pag tumatanda na, dumadami na priorities sa buhay. Ako pag may time laro sa Heroes kahit vs AI lang para stress free tapos habang merienda Hearthstone naman.

    Pag bumalik na sa D3 sa patch 2.3, baka mawala na uli Heartstone. D3 & Heroes na lang (daily quest). Kaya nagpipigil bumili ng SC2 LotV baka di rin malaro kahit sayang ung mga freebies content.

    Lol! Ako baka nga laruin ko lang uli yung D3 sa patch 2.3 para lang makuha yung Malthael horse mount hahaha!! Kaadik sobra HotS :D
  • ^haha atleast my mga pang tanggal umay minsan sa mga laro para iba ng atmosphere like HOTS and Hearthstone hehe hindi ko na nga magalaw pc naming sa bahay, iba na din kapag exhausted ka sa work parang gusto ko na lang matulog palagi lol haha pero sa 2.3 balik monghe ako =)
  • Mukhang exciting ang patch 2.3.

    Nung nakakuha ako ng magandang stat ng Spirit Guard tinamad na agad ako laruin yun Season Monk ko.

    Wow Torment VII to X at last matagal ko ng hinihintay ang mas mahirap sa Torment VI.
  • Sinubukan ko ung PTR, mukhang puro bounties na gagawin natin next patch para farm ng Kanai's mats & mas-efficient na mag farm sa T10 compare sa GR40 fast run. Kasi pwede ka din mag boon+custerian gears.

    Maganda din ung ginawa ng blizz sa Kanai's mats na ikalat sa lahat ng act, kaya ngayon lahat ng act bounties kelangan mo ng laruin. Di tulad ng dati na sawang sawa na tayo sa A1 bounty.

    Mukhang mabilis na din bihisan ung mga toon kasi masmadami ng ways para makuha mo ung gustong mong item.

    Sa 2.3 baka Sader muna gamitin ko para kaya ng magfarm agad sa T10 efficiently & masmadaming nagbago compare sa barb & DH, para sulit sa laro, tapos WD naman sa S4... Excited na sa patch 2.3.
  • Watched some videos ng PTR 2.3 wow the Shenlong Set rocks with 4pcs Inna and 2set Rainment my new equips for my Monk.

    Spirit guard seems useless because of the Shenlong set kaya parang balewala ang na farm ko sa season like sa Gundo Gear naging useless dahil sa paglakas ng Rainment.
  • mukhang matatagalan pa ang 2.3...Aug na bukas wala paring 2 week notice :(
  • gust ko na abangan yan 2.3 hehe or sana isakto na lang nila sa season 4?hehe para fresh start lahat XD
  • Lakas ng Helltooth Set ng WD ngayon a! :D

    Parang meta theme ng WD ngayon is gayahin ang style ni Nazeebo of HotS lol!
  • Hay parang gusto na magbalik sa D3, mukhang maganda ang content ng new patch.
  • Gud AM mga Kadiabros..

    Kakaexcite pa more talaga and patch 2.3, I chose not to try PTR para mas lalong may excite and WOW factor pag hinahanap ko na yung cube.. WD and Wizzy kaya ang itry ko sa Season4 (Hmmmm, esep, esep).. Season3 Fulltime Barbie me eh, Hinde ko na nga nafarm ung season items ng other classes sa S3.. =( See you kaDiabros in S4.. PEACE! =)

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