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Last online: April 27, 2015 09:06 PM
Location: NCR - Quezon City
Contact Number: 9843996

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Items for Sale

Accessories: 2 way Audio Splitter PHP 20.00
Accessories: 2/4/8/16/32GB Data Traveler 101 USB Flash Drive PHP 180.00
Accessories: back Bags for laptop PHP 350.00
Accessories: Bendable USB Led Light PHP 80.00
Accessories: Bluetooth V3.0 Remote Control Self Timer Camera Shutter for iOS / A PHP 150.00
Accessories: Goliathus Razer Mouse Pad PHP 80.00
Accessories: Hp laptop bags PHP 450.00
Accessories: KTC 32Inch Led TV PHP 9500.00
Accessories: Laptop Lock PHP 60.00
Accessories: Logitech Mouse Pad PHP 15.00
Accessories: Razer Mantis Speed Mouse Pad PHP 50.00
Accessories: RJ45 Connector PHP 2.00
Accessories: RJ45 Rubber Boots PHP 2.00
Accessories: Victoriacross/swiss gear Bags for laptop PHP 700.00
Accessories:Power Bank PHP 500.00
adapter for Apple 60w Mac Book PHP 1200.00
adapter: adapter 9v and 1a PHP 150.00
adapter: DVI to VGA Adapter PHP 50.00
Adapter: MHL to HDMI Media Adapter PHP 450.00
adapter: sata bilateral ide PHP 200.00
adapter: Usb 2.0 To Vga Display Adapter PHP 2000.00
Adapter: USB Wall Charger for iPods, iPhones, and iPads PHP 100.00
adapter: VGA female connector PHP 50.00
adapters :mini adapter for all brand notebook PHP 360.00
adapters for acer laptop PHP 360.00
adapters for dell laptop PHP 360.00
adapters for hp laptop PHP 360.00
adapters for lenovo laptop PHP 360.00
adapters for sony laptop PHP 360.00
Apple 45W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air PHP 1200.00
Battery: Original battery for laptops PHP 2000.00
Battery: Replace Battery for APPLE Laptop PHP 2000.00
Battery: Replace Battery for APPLE Laptop PHP 2000.00
Battery: Replace Battery for DELL Laptop PHP 1050.00
Battery: Replace Battery for LENOVO/IBM PHP 1050.00
Cable: 1.5 meter USB to Printer Cable PHP 25.00
Cable: 1.5 meter DVI 24+1 PINS Cable PHP 120.00
Cable: 1.5 meter USB Cable for HDD PHP 50.00
Cable: 1.5 meters USB 2.0 to Printer Cables PHP 40.00
Cable: 20 meters USB 2.0 Extension with signal booster PHP 1000.00
Cable: 20 meters USB 2.0 Extension with signal booster PHP 1000.00
Cable: 20pin to 24pin Cable PHP 60.00
Cable: 3 meters USB 2.0 Extension Cable PHP 80.00
Cable: 3pin to 4pin for Fan Cable PHP 25.00
Cable: 3pin to 4pin for Fan Cable PHP 25.00
Cable: 4pin to 8pin power cable PHP 25.00
Cable: 5 meters DVI 24+1 PINS Cable PHP 350.00
Cable: 5 meters USB 2.0 Extension Blue Cable PHP 120.00
Cable: 6pin Power Cable PHP 25.00
Cable: DB25 Male to C36 Male Parallel Printer Cable PHP 150.00
Cable: DB25 Printer Cable PHP 150.00
cable: db9 female to db25 male printer cable PHP 180.00
Cable: DB9 Printer Cable PHP 100.00
Cable: Esata to Esata/sata Cable PHP 80.00
Cable: IDE cable PHP 20.00
cable: KVM cable PS/2 1.5meter PHP 120.00
Cable: L type SATA Data cable with lock PHP 25.00
Cable: Power Cord Cable PHP 20.00
Cable: SATA Power Cable PHP 15.00
Cable: USB to 5pin Cable PHP 40.00
Cable: USB to I-PAD Cable PHP 30.00
Cable: Video Cable 5 meters PHP 100.00
CCTV 10x Zoom Ip Ptz Camera PHP 16000.00
CCTV 12V 5A Power Supply Case Control of Door Access Control with 5A battery PHP 1400.00
CCTV 16 Channel Cloud DVR PHP 4500.00
CCTV 16 Channel HD 960H DVR PHP 8000.00
CCTV 16 channel NVR PHP 5000.00
CCTV 20x Zoom IP Ptz CCTV Camera PHP 18000.00
CCTV 24 Channel DVR E-Touch iCloud PHP 11000.00
CCTV 32 Channel HD 960H DVR PHP 17000.00
CCTV 4 Channel Cloud DVR PHP 2500.00
CCTV 8 channel DVR with easynet internet PHP 2200.00
CCTV 8 Channel ICloud DVR 7708HA nvr/dvr/hvr 3 in 1 PHP 3600.00
CCTV 8 channel NVR PHP 4000.00
CCTV :Biometrics PHP 4500.00
CCTV Accesories:300M UTP Cable Cat5E Outdoor PE Solid Black PHP 3000.00
CCTV Accessories: 100 Meters Siamese Cable(CU) PHP 1100.00
CCTV accessories: Camera Video Power Balun with power 3 in 1 PHP 200.00
CCTV accessories: Rca(F) Av to Bnc(m) PHP 8.00
CCTV accessories: RJ59 Coaxial cables PHP 600.00
CCTV Accessories: Single Channel Passive Video Balun PHP 120.00
CCTV accessories: video balun 212L PHP 90.00
CCTV Accessories: Wall Mount Metal CCTV Camera Bracket PHP 400.00
CCTV accessories:BNC And Power connector PHP 8.00
CCTV accessories:Enhanced coaxial cable video amplifier PHP 450.00
CCTV accessories:power box PHP 450.00
CCTV accessories:Utp cat5 cables per roll(305m) PHP 1200.00
CCTV Active Twisted pair Video Balun Transceiver PHP 600.00
CCTV Camera Package 1 - 4ch dvr card 1 camera and accessories PHP 1800.00
CCTV Camera Package 3 - 4ch cloud dvr 1 sony cctv camera and accessories PHP 3500.00
CCTV Camera Package 5 - 4ch cloud dvr 4pcs sony cctv camera and accessories PHP 6800.00
CCTV Camera Package 7 - 8ch cloud dvr 6pcs sony camera and accessories PHP 9600.00
CCTV Camera Package 9 - 16ch cloud dvr, 16pcs sony camera 500gb hdd and accessor PHP 24500.00
CCTV Camera Tester PHP 5000.00
CCTV Camera: 720P Dome IP CCTV Camera PHP 2600.00
CCTV Camera: 1-1.3 Megapixel IP Camera Bullet Camera PHP 2400.00
CCTV Camera: 1000TVL Sony CMOS Dome CCTV Camera PHP 700.00
Cctv camera: 1200Tvlines 960H Bullet CCTV Camera PHP 1800.00
Cctv camera: 1200Tvlines 960H Bullet CCTV Camera PHP 1600.00
CCTV camera: 3 in 1 960H Security 4 channel DVR PHP 2500.00
Cctv camera: 700tv lines SONY Efflo-E Heavy duty dome cctv camera PHP 1700.00
CCTV Camera: 700TVL CCTV Dome Camera Sony Efflo-E CCD camera PHP 1000.00
CCTV Camera: 720P IP Bullet Camera PHP 2400.00
Cctv camera: 720P IP Camera Dome PHP 2000.00
CCTV Camera: 720P/1.0Mp AHD Dome CCTV Camera PHP 1200.00
CCTV Camera: 800Tvl CCD Dome Moving Cctv Camera PHP 2800.00
CCTV Camera: 960P/1.3MP AHD 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Bullet Camera PHP 2200.00
CCTV Camera: 960P/1.3MP AHD Heavy Duty Dome Camera PHP 1800.00
CCTV Camera: 960P/1.3MP AHD PTZ Camera PHP 13000.00
CCTV Camera: 960P/1.3MP Indoor Plastic AHD Camera PHP 1500.00
cctv camera: F-Series IP camera PHP 2500.00
cctv camera: sony ccd bullet cctv camera 600TVL PHP 900.00
cctv camera:1-2 megapixels Array Led IP Camera PHP 2400.00
cctv camera:1-2 megapixels Array Led big IP Camera PHP 3300.00
cctv camera:700tv lines SONY Efflo-E 2.8m-12mm manual zoom bullet camera PHP 1800.00
cctv camera:800tv lines Dome CCTv Cameras PHP 1000.00
CCTV camera:H.264 960H 16Channels Real-time CCTV Security DVR PHP 6000.00
cctv camera:sony dome camera with ir 600TVL PHP 800.00
cctv camera:vandal proof dome cctv camera 600TVL PHP 900.00
CCTV DVR 32 channel Model:2032 PHP 14000.00
CCTV Electo Magnetic Door Lock PHP 1000.00
CCTV Magnetic Lock Access Control System PHP 4000.00
CCTV Package 11-4ch NVR, 3pcs IP Dome Camera,1pc Bullet IP Camera and Accessorie PHP 12700.00
CCTV Sony Effio-E Mini Bullet Camera PHP 1500.00
CCTV Speed Dome PTZ Controller PHP 4500.00
CCTV WI-FI HD IP Camera PHP 3000.00
CCTV Wireless Moving Ip Camera PHP 5500.00
CCTV Wireless Wi-Fi P2P IP CCTV Camera PHP 2800.00
CCTV ZL-Bracket for Door Access Control PHP 500.00
CCTV: 1080P Full HD Car Driving Recorder PHP 1200.00
CCTV: 140 Degree Night Vision HD Car Camcorder P5000 PHP 1000.00
CCTV: Signal Booster PHP 2500.00
Cooler: Cooler Fan for desktop 1156 PHP 200.00
Cooler: Cooler Fan for Video Card PHP 30.00
Cooler: cooler master PHP 350.00
Cooler: Cooler Pad PHP 250.00
Cooler: HSF for 775 PHP 130.00
Cooler: HSF for AMD PHP 150.00
Cooler: Notebook Cooler Fan PHP 70.00
Cooler: QQ big Cooler Fan for Video Card PHP 150.00
Game controllers for PS2 PHP 140.00
HDD: 3.5 inches SATA/IDE Hdd Enclosure PHP 450.00
HDD: SATA + IDE Docking Station with Card Reader PHP 1200.00
HDD:external hard disk PHP 1900.00
HDD:USB 2.0 portable slim ODD / HDD PHP 500.00
HDMI Cable: 10 meters HDMI to DVI PHP 500.00
HDMI Cables: 10 meter HDMI Cable PHP 500.00
HDMI Cables: 20 meters HDMI Cable PHP 2500.00
HDMI cables: 3 meters HDMI Cable PHP 200.00
HDMI Cables: 5 meters HDMI Cable PHP 250.00
HDMI Cables: HDMI to DVI D 3meter PHP 200.00
HDMI Cables: micro hdmi cable PHP 250.00
HDMI Splitter: 1-4 Ports PHP 2000.00
HDMI Splitter: 16 ports PHP 8000.00
HDMI Switch: 3-1 Ports PHP 1000.00
HDMI: AV to HDMI Converter Box PHP 2000.00
HDMI: hdmi extender cat5 60meter PHP 3000.00
hdmi: Hdmi to vga Adapter Cable PHP 800.00
HDMI: HDMI(F) to DVI(M) 24+1 Adapter PHP 100.00
hdmi: Vga to hdmi converter Box w/ audio PHP 1800.00
Headset: 4 in 1 Earphone PHP 80.00
Headset: DJ100 High Luminous Cafe Wearing Gaming Headphones PHP 500.00
Headset: Headset with Sleeve Cable PHP 100.00
Headset: SL-708 Earphone PHP 80.00
Headset: Wireless 5 in 1 PHP 280.00
Headset: Zipper Earphone PHP 100.00
INK: Ink Refill for Canon/HP/BROTHER/Epson PHP 35.00
Keyboard Flex Cable PHP 350.00
Keyboard: K9 Gaming Keyboard PHP 250.00
Keyboard: Multimedia Mini Keyboard PHP 160.00
Keyboard: Ps2 Black knight waterproof slim optical keyboard set PHP 250.00
Keyboard: Ps2 Keyboard PHP 140.00
Keyboard:Original laptop keyboards for acer PHP 600.00
Keyboard:Original laptop keyboards for HP/COMPAQ PHP 600.00
Keyboard:Original laptop keyboards for samsung PHP 600.00
Keyboard:Original laptop keyboards for TOSHIBA PHP 600.00
LCD Laptop Inverter PHP 350.00
LED Display Board PHP 4800.00
MINI Cable: display port to vga Cable PHP 400.00
MINI Cable: MINI Display to hdmi Cable PHP 500.00
MINI Cable: MINI DVI to HDMI Cable PHP 300.00
MINI Cable: MINI DVI to VGA Cable PHP 300.00
MINI Cable: MINI HDMI to HDMI Cable PHP 250.00
MINI Cable:MINI Display to HDMI DVI Display 3 in 1 adapter PHP 700.00
Mouse: A4tech Style Optical Mouse PHP 90.00
Mouse: lenovo Optical Mouse PHP 80.00
Mouse: Ps2 Optical Mouse PHP 70.00
Mouse: Wireless Mouse PHP 250.00
Mouse: Wireless Mouse PHP 250.00
Network: 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g Wifi Wireless Broadband Amplifier Router Power Range S PHP 1500.00
Network: Extra Heavy Duty 9volts Battery PHP 50.00
Network: LAN Tester PHP 90.00
Network: PCI Lan Card PHP 200.00
Network: Portable Wi Fi USB Wireless Adapter PHP 200.00
Network: USB Lan PHP 150.00
Network: Wireless Wifi Repeater 802.11N/B/G Network Wifi Router Expander PHP 1000.00
Power extension model: 104 PHP 100.00
Power extension model: 2608B PHP 250.00
Power extension model: 2701B PHP 220.00
Power extension model: 2702B PHP 250.00
Replacement 10.1 Laptop led PHP 1600.00
Replacement 11.6 Laptop led PHP 1800.00
Replacement 14.0 Laptop led PHP 2000.00
Replacement 14.0 Slim Laptop Led B140XTN02.4 PHP 2500.00
Replacement 15.4 Laptop lcd PHP 2800.00
Replacement 15.6 Laptop lcd/led standard and slim PHP 2200.00
Replacement 15.6 Standard Laptop led LP156WH4-TPA1 PHP 3000.00
Replacement 8.9 Laptop led PHP 1700.00
Replacement 9.7 Laptop led LP097QX1-SPA1 PHP 2500.00
Replacement 9.7 Laptop led LP097X02 PHP 2500.00
Router: 150Mbps Portable Wireless N 3G Router 3Gw150M PHP 1000.00
Router: 150Mbps Wireless N Router W311R PHP 700.00
Router: 16-port Fast Ethernet Switch TEH160SK PHP 1050.00
Router: 300M Wireless Broadband Router W303R PHP 1000.00
Router: 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch S108 PHP 500.00
Router: Tenda 24 Ports Switch HUB PHP 1500.00
Router: Tenda 8 ports Wired Router PHP 800.00
Router: Tenda TEI402 4 Ports Wired Router PHP 450.00
Router:Tenda Wireless N300 Router PHP 1300.00
Sound Card: USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound adapter PHP 120.00
Speaker: 2.1 Subwoofer Multimedia Speaker PHP 700.00
Speaker: C330 2.1 Subwoofer Multimedia Speaker PHP 750.00
Speaker: C350 Subwoofer Multimedia Speaker PHP 800.00
Speaker: M333 Luckee Subwoofer Multimedia Speaker PHP 1500.00
Speaker: Mini Bluetooth Speaker PHP 250.00
Speaker: Portable USB Multimedia Speaker with Amplifier PHP 300.00
USB adapter: Tenda W311M mini 11N Wireless USB Adapter PHP 400.00
USB adapter:Tenda w311Ma Wireless N150 Mini High Gain USB Adapter PHP 450.00
Vga Cable: Heavy Duty 15m VGA Cable PHP 650.00
Vga Cable: Heavy Duty 30m VGA Cable PHP 1000.00
Vga Cable: Heavy Duty 40m VGA Cable PHP 1300.00
Vga cable: Heavy Duty 5m VGA Cable PHP 300.00
Vga Cable:Samsung 1.5m VGA Cable PHP 70.00
VGA Cable:VGA Extender 100m PHP 3000.00
vga converter:vga to rca converter PHP 800.00
vga Spltter: FENGJIE 4 Ports VGA Video Splitter PHP 400.00
vga Spltter:Aten 4 Ports VGA Video Splitter PHP 500.00
vga Spltter:FENGJIE 2 Ports VGA Video Splitter PHP 350.00
VGA Switch: 4 Ports VGA Switch PHP 400.00
VGA: 4 port AUTO KVM Switch PHP 600.00
VGA: FengJie 4port AUTO KVM switch PHP 600.00
VGA: Ipad to VGA Adapter Cable PHP 600.00
Wall Bracket: Model: 32f PHP 2200.00
Wall Mounts:TV Wall Mount Bracket B46 OR B38 PHP 500.00
Wall Mounts:Wall Mount LED Double Armed Wall Bracket TV Stand LP6906 PHP 1200.00
Wall Mounts:Wall Mount LED Double Armed Wall Bracket TV Stand P604 PHP 2200.00
Webcam: 3 Led Clip Webcam PHP 100.00
Webcam: A4Tech pk-635m Webcam PHP 300.00
Webcam: Webcam with mic for Internet Cafe PHP 130.00

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