@ core2pentium4

it depends kasi. may games at apps na mataas ang tax sa processor mayroon din mabababa.

If the budget doesn't permit a Core i5, then, yes, a Core i3 would suffice for gaming

But to say that a Core i3 is more than enough for gaming, it's just wrong.

Core i5 is not just for bragging or for hardcore gaming/benchmarking

at depende sa kanya yun kung trip niya mag-maximum settings sa crysis 3, na trabaho ng core i5 + gtx 780-ti.

Even at medium settings, there's still a big difference between a Core i5 and a Core i3

External Image

External Image

If you still insist on that belief of yours, it's fine.

But at least be careful in giving recommendations here where a lot of newbies might mistake wrong info for a right one