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secret cafe or resto sa marikina area na the best :)

  • Nafeature Some Kind Of Wonderful (SKOW)sa ETC HQ, very good ang reviews niya. Nababasa ko rin sa blogs good reviews niya, pasta very good daw and the Salmon steak. Good reviews din ang japanese menu nila, dating taga yabu ata ang japanese cook nila.

    Yes, napanood ko rin last night sa ETC. mukhang masarap nga. :)
  • meron rin akong alam na resto.. kaso secret ko lang.. para iwas OT. ;-)
  • It all started with Kuya Roy's PM regarding a nice little Phablet. Nung pumasyal ako sa kanila, walang tao at sarado pa yung shop. So kay General na lang ako pumasyal. Tinawagan nya si kuya Roy and maya-maya lang eh 3 na kami dun for a late morning chikahan. At a quarter to 12, nagkayayaan na ng lunch. And since may standing invitation si General na kumain ng noodles, pumunta kami sa MOGU TREE sa Lilac St. for a different noodle experience. On the way dinaanan namin si sir Benj sa bahay nila (kasi hindi sumasagot sa telepono!) kaya naging 4 na kami. Nasaan na ba si Kuya Mar?

    Food: Good! You start out by choosing your noodle variant, then selecting 2 to 3 toppings, and choose your soup base. I went with the clear soup (the other one was laksa) and I have to say it was just nice for me. Not too salty, and not spicy either. It went well with my chosen noodle. They also had rice dishes on offer, but we went for noodles since that was the store's specialty.
    Ambiance: Their place was a bit narrow with only a few tables downstairs. We went upstairs where there were more tables for us. There was a big 2HP aircon that quickly cooled the upstairs area. Nice. The bowls were sturdy and you get to eat with a provided bowl stand. As for the furniture, they weren't padded but VERY sturdy. Ambiance? A mix between an old chinese resto and trendy karinderya. No jazz music to soften the mood or anything like that. Just noisy people eating their noodles. Ahahahahaha.
    Pricing: P150 for a big serving of noodles and 3 toppings. Hmm.. Not bad especially if you're looking for a good alternative to Tamagoya. I forgot to take note of how much the rice dishes were, so I'll leave you guys to find out for yourselves. Ehehehehe.

    Sir Roy, Godai, and Sir Benj

    <click here for link>

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  • Just came from General's house earlier and on my way home I swung by the newly opened "Bon Doy's Chicken" along J P Rizal Ave. Its at the old Marikina Auto Line yard that has now been converted into a repair shop and resto of sorts. Actually may flyer si General and I already had an idea what they had in store for me prior to going there.

    Food: Their specialty is the Honeyed Ginger chicken. Without the batter and glaze, its just plain vanilla chicken. The spicy variant was far from spicy. Once the glazed batter separates from the chicken, its really not much.. They also had other food in store like pizza and basic pasta dishes. The menu even has soup! Not so bad I guess.
    Ambiance: Plenty of parking outside especially if come in for dinner. The place is more like a beefed-up take-out counter since there aren't really that many tables and chairs. The main place is airconditioned with space for around 12 people and there's an al fresco area outside with space for maybe around 15 to 18 people. The place is brightly lit so I guess I wouldn't really count it as a great date place. After you eat they'll give you a breath mint and ask you to write a review (on an iPad mini no less!) so they can improve their product and service.
    Pricing: P12 for a cup of plain rice and P59 for a large chicken wing passed off as a two-piece order. Hmm. Cheap actually. I wonder if the rest of the items on their menu are worth trying. I'll leave that to you guys I guess.

    I think that one of the owners is actually the one inside the kitchen! Because the food servers keep calling him sir when they bring in the order slips! Hahahahaha. Check it out if you have time ok?!

    You can also find them on FB!! <click here for link>

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  • We recently had a business meeting at "PARILYA" at C&B S'Mall. And only now it came to me that I had eaten there so many times in the past but I had not bothered to write a review! So I might as well right?

    Food: Their specialty is Chicken Inasal and other Ilonggo food specialties. If you're very familiar with Ilonggo food, you know what to expect from their menu. Given that this is an Ilonggo resto away from Bacolod or Iloilo, their menu is not so bad. The chicken and other sinugba fare are also quite good. I would greatly prefer bigger servings (I got spoiled from all that good food when I was in Bacolod years ago..) but I guess its fine.
    Ambiance: Plenty of parking outside especially if come in for lunch or dinner. You can practically park anywhere! There's an airconditioned area that is non-smoking with space for around 20 or so people and there's also an al fresco area outside with space for maybe around 40 to 50 people. Lighting is muted and the atmosphere is light. Its not so bad for a dinner date place, or someplace to hand out with the boys for a couple of beers after dinner. The only drawback is that the resto is open only up to 12 midnight. Though you can linger a bit longer after that, you'll have to go elsewhere if you want to eat and drink some more after midnight.
    Service: Service used to be slow at this place when it was new. But with our recent business meeting there, I can say they've leveled up a lot! It doesn't take forever to get anything anymore. Ehehehehehe.
    Pricing: Reasonable for working people. If you're just a hungry student, the food can be a bit expensive. Go figure.

    I've eaten at this place lots of times already and I don't mind going back for dinner any night. I love the chicken inasal and other sinugba treats but am not so thrilled at the other fare. Find out for yourself okay?
  • Me and the wife were a bit hungry on our way home from a market trip to Bayan and we kinda wanted to have a snack on the way home. So I offered to take her to "Pink Chiffon" at Lilac Street for some cake and tea. This place is fairly new, but its actually the latest iteration of a cake shop I used to frequent in Katipunan in QC - Gateau de Manille.

    Food: Pink Chiffon is a cake shop at heart. But unlike Gateau de Manille, their menu is still rather limited and the selection of cakes just as challenged. The junior sized cakes are not yet available as of my last visit.
    Ambiance: Very limited parking space. The resto itself is very bright and the seats are a bit hard to sit on. The aircon is very cool and the floors are clean. Not exactly a date place, but its fine for a cake shop.
    Service: They're still starting out so expect some kinks in their system. The owner is always there so you can always suggest improvements.
    Pricing: If you're a cake person like me, you'll know that their cakes are priced reasonably. Love the fact that I don't have to go so far for my favorite cakes.

    Getting interested? Pay them a visit already! Gotta love that blueberry cheesecake and sansrival! Ahahahahaha.
  • any reviews sa Beefalo?
  • As requested, here is a short review for Beefalo.. We ate there last month on a whim and I kinda forgot to post this..

    Food: Beefalo is clearly a steak house as its name implies. And its specialty are their grilled steaks that are cooked outside for everyone to see and appreciate. The meat is okay and there are other choices in the menu like pizza and sandwiches. Ehehehehe. The dishes are mainly American.
    Ambiance: Very limited parking space. There are about 4 to 6 parking slots and everybody else have to park along the road. Good thing the CTDMO are tolerant of customers just like at Café Lydia's! There is an aircon area that is nicely appointed with interesting furniture and an al fresco area that would tend to remind you of an outdoor family picnic site. See for yourself! Ahahahaha! Let's just say that the indoor and outdoor areas are worlds apart! The toilet is uhm.. uninspired. The place is not exactly a great choice for a romantic night out with a date..
    Service: They're still starting out so expect some kinks in their system. Cash is the only mode of payment but service is quite okay.
    Pricing: Don't expect the food to be cheap. But if you want decent steaks, you have to pay good money for them. So I guess its okay.

    Getting interested? Go pay them a visit already! Its a bit hard to get to if you're just commuting since its well on the way to Good Friend Bridge past Marikina Engineering Department. But if you have wheels, its quite an interesting place to eat!

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  • Hmm.. Daddy Bertz Café has been renovated and taken over by new management.. They're now open air and the food is Bicolano specialties. Maybe its worth a second visit.. Hmm..
  • Hmm.. Daddy Bertz Café has been renovated and taken over by new management.. They're now open air and the food is Bicolano specialties. Maybe its worth a second visit.. Hmm..

    ate there last week, burgers are good, pero yung ibang food were lacking.....
  • Off to visit the sister restos of Burrito Brothers next time..

    Kebab Brothers - a resto specializing in kebabs & other treats like shawarma.
    Bun of Brothers - nice little burger joint serving up some signature burgers..

    Passed by earlier today on me bike and bought a Bacon Mushroom Melt burger for the missus. Didn't have enough money to buy another one for me self so I'll be sure to come back again and eat there and write a full review for you lads.
  • Just be sure to take us with you when you go back there huh?
  • As promised, here is a short review for B.O.B. a.k.a. Bun of Brothers.. I've eaten there twice now and I just kinda forgot to post this..

    Food: The burgers are to die for! Best burgers in Marikina City!! You gotta eat here if you like to eat burgers! Its NOT cheap, but they are well worth it! There are about 8 to 10 variants to choose from and you can even customise (they call it Build Your Own Burger) your burger to make it all your own. You can even make a triple patty burger!! Whoa!! Try ordering the fries along with your burger to round out your B.O.B. experience.
    Ambiance: Very limited parking space. The inside has nice lighting and a sort-of military theme to the place and the seats are as utilitarian as it gets. The aircon is quite strong but airflow needs to be improved as the air inside the resto is messed up every time somebody opens and closes the front door! While there really isn't much space in the resto, there are an extra two tables at the al fresco area that would tend to be very hot and noisy since the place is located right beside the main road with jeeps and trikes buzzing by all the time. The toilet is uhm.. shared with their sister resto and you have to go there to take a leak. The place is not exactly a great choice for a romantic night out with a date since you won't have a nice private booth for sweet chat. Maybe more of a great snack place for the barkada on the way to a night of drinking is more like it.
    Service: Don't be surprised if it takes a bit of a while for your food to arrive. Good burgers take a good while to cook. And the wait is well worth it. Service is quick and crisp and the staff are more than happy to oblige your request for ketchup, water, and napkins. =)
    Pricing: Don't expect the food to be cheap. But they're damn well worth it in my book. A must-visit for any burger-loving Marikeño. The other stuff on the menu as likewise not so cheap, but hey this place wasn't intended for the lower classes to begin with. If you want something cheaper, you can always score a burger at Mama Chit's Burger or get a big burger at Avaya Deli. So I guess its okay.

    Getting interested? Go pay them a visit already! They're located along Rainbow Street on the way to SSS Village. Right beside them is their sister resto Kebab Brothers, which is also worth a visit!
  • Just this afternoon me and my siblings were out malling at Riverbanks. For dinner we decided to eat at the newly transferred OMAKASE at Gil Fernando Avenue. This Japanese restaurant was originally at the entrance of Eastwood in Libis but for some reason its now in Marikina! Wowee!

    Food: Its a Japanese restaurant. Great stuff! Great variety too! We only ate some light stuff like 4 different kinds of sushi, Bacon Asparagus, and Tofu Roll. Yummy! The bottomless drinks were light and not too sweet. There are plenty of other stuff in the menu, but I'll leave you guys to eat them on your own time..
    Ambiance: Lots of parking space care of the newly opened lot beside the place that is now being used for customer parking. The inside has nice lighting and the interior decoration is actually bright and lively. I love the sakura wall paper at the interior wall as well as the faux garden at the inner dining area. They also have a function room in case you're in a very large party wanting some private space. I miss the aquarium that was in their old resto, but its nice nonetheless. Try to come in early since this place can quickly fill up as the time reaches lunch and dinner. =)
    Service: Service is excellent and flawless. Well worth the service charge.
    Pricing: Don't expect the food to be cheap! This is a Japanese restaurant after all. Its actually at a slightly higher level than Teriyaki Boy so expect the prices to be slightly higher too.

    Getting interested? Go pay them a visit! They're located along Gil Fernando Avenue (formerly Tuazon) on the right side on the way to Santa Lucia. If you've already eaten at Omakase when they were still in Libis, then you'd know what to expect from this place.
  • Kumusta naman kaya ang mga waitress doon? Q5 naman kaya or No Meter?
  • New restos to visit:


    Both restos are on Tuazon Ave on the way to Santa Lucia.. Hope to review them soon!

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