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LED Lightbulbs - super efficient light bulbs

  • 12v LED lights are much much rarer in the philippines. Most are chinese brands which dont post lumen ratings and most dont go up to the higher wattages.

    without explaining why you want it there's little more we can do
  • We will use po kasi for lighting automation using micro controllers, specifically arduino. Mas madali po kasi mag dim kapag dc supply
  • tuddler
    just buy them wholesale from the web
    diretso ka na sa manufacturers, maraming sites (Chinese) na maayos para diyan
    I suggest you check out parts for making LED flashlights - diyan mo makukuha kelangan mo
  • AmalgamvsAloof Send Message View User Items on March 07, 2015 09:35 PM
    @ Battlestarmargarine

    the Philips SlimStyle BR30 is a flood light. and at only 68.4 lumens per watt there are other better options.
    <click here for link>

    you could get a regular sno cone (since its shaped like a snow cone or an ice cream cone) bulb and pop off the diffuser. But that might expose the bulbs innards to the elements and insects. And expose you to 220v electricity.

    I have one of these. GES brand

    Thank you sir. What do you mean when we say Flood light? I'm scouting for a good LED bulbs that will put for our ceiling. Ano recommendation sir?
  • What do you mean when we say Flood light?

    External Image

    versus a normal bulb (#3 in the image below for the usual snow cone type configuration). Beam angle is usually 165 degrees or less

    External Image

    flood lights have a narrower beam angle. Typically used for high ceilings or if malayo ang subject sa light. Longer reach but with large dark area behind and to the sides of the bulb. The lower the beam angle the sharper and harsher the shadows will be

    I'm scouting for a good LED bulbs that will put for our ceiling. Ano recommendation sir?

    very infrequently used, indoor, will not be left alone : any cheapo chinese LED bulb. Since there is a chance of bulb failure and fire must not be left alone for a long time. Since its much cheaper (I have 5watters that cost 80 and 40 pesos) the return on investment is sooner even if less frequently used and less lumens per watt. Also since infrequnently used

    Used for a long time per day: therefore lumens/watt is of primary importance, GES specially the new models na 100 lumens/watt but you will sacrifice beam angle since the new ones have the traditional snow cone configuration. Typically 165 degrees or less. Older models may have 90 lumens/watt

    For normal use, try to get a wider beam angle even if you sacrifice lumens/watt. Firefly even numbered wattage bulbs are cheaper than GES and have lower lumens/watt but have a large 220 degree beam angle. Larger beam angle, less harsh shadows

    GE and phillips are more expensive and have less lumens per watt. They have basic and more advanced models. Basic models are usually snow cone configuration. GE has a staff of sauron configuration with a large beam angle. Expensive though. Their only redeeming feature is probaby lifespan

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  • Mas madali po kasi mag dim kapag dc supply

    dimmable LED bulbs are very rare in the philippines. You might have better luck using multiple small LED emitters then switching them off one by one
  • good pm sir. nag pa install po kami led downlight, ok naman po sya pag on. ang problema, nagbblink pag naka off. salamat po sa sasagot.
  • <click here for link>

    improper LED bulb designs on runways impair vision of pilots as they come in for a landing

    I'm guessing they just replaced the old bulbs one for one with LED bulbs, tapos lowest bidder pa.

    well since they actually need a long line of light ___________instead of ............. which the old tech forced on them, they should have used this

    External Image

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  • good pm sir. nag pa install po kami led downlight, ok naman po sya pag on. ang problema, nagbblink pag naka off. salamat po sa sasagot.

    what brand?

    and describe the blinking. Is it on-off from 100% light to 0%? more or less ilang seconds ang cycle? baka naman switch ang problem

    ipa warranty mo

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  • good pm sir. nag pa install po kami led downlight, ok naman po sya pag on. ang problema, nagbblink pag naka off. salamat po sa sasagot.

    pwede rin sa switch yan. Ceejay23 ang switch ba nyan ay ung may ilaw? kapag yes, magpalit kayo ng switch
  • maraming salamat po sa mga sagot! napakalaking tulong. :)

    -- edited by ceejay23 on Mar 10 2015, 12:28 PM
  • Ibig bang sabihin hindi advisable gumamit ng switches na may LED(usually colored orange) kapag LED bulbs ang lighting mo?
  • generally not... pero may mga LED na hindi affected... it could be a brand or a certain batch

    issue with switches with indicator is may voltage leak daw... and sometimes yun yung nag papa glow or blink.
  • yeah. my relative has those lighted switches and walang problem sa LED bulbs niya (GES).

    buti nalang walang nightlight problem ang GES niya
  • ito na pala yung mga bulbs ng GES na 2 year warranty. may 1w, 3w and 5w
    External Image

    yung mga higher wattage like 9w, ganito na yung internals. hindi ko lang alam if 4th gen parin ba yung ganito
    External Image
  • May promo Akari LED sa Handyman. Swap nyo lang luma cfl nyo, kahit pundido na 40 percent discount sa selected Akari LED nila hanggang March 31 lang. 3 years warranty yung bulb nya.
  • @joll

    pa-post po ng actual photo if maka-avail ka tsaka yung damage mo magkano aabutin

    ang layo ng handyman dito sa amin :(
  • ito na pala yung mga bulbs ng GES na 2 year warranty. may 1w, 3w and 5w

    yeah. GES seems to be splitting into a low and a high end line. yun ang low end line

    low end
    pros: mura, malaki ang beam angle kasi hindi snowcone style ang shape
    cons: 80 lumens per watt only, 2 year warranty only

    high end
    pros : 100 lumens per watt, i think (but not sure) 5 year warranty
    cons: mahal, lesser beam angle
  • bought a 9w omni led bulb. 800 lumen

    its in a not too often used room so I could have bought a 10-13 w china bulb but malayo ang lalakarin ko

    sorry firefly, but mas mura and mas malaki ang angle ng omni. Plus I never used an omni LED before so matesting nga.

    brighter than a 15w CFL
  • Kung pos machine printout receipt nyo (usually fades in time) for warranty purposes or replacement ng led lights, why not ask for the 'Official Receipts' especially those big department stores w/ hardwares. punta kayo customer service then kunin nila pos printout receipt nyo then replace nila 'Official Receipts'. Then you can now scan or photocopy that receipts for future use in case of warranty replacement. ganun kc gawa ko pero wala ni isa napupundi! hehe

    External Image

    buti hinde bawal mag mention ng brand d2, sa ibang forum d puede brand or store, ano difference, hehe
  • uso nanaman brownout, anyone can recommend a 12v led bulb? so far nakita ko lang locally yung 12v firefly 4watts. need a higher one.
  • <click here for link>

    mosquito repelling but still white LED lights.
  • mamaya earth hour
  • The dimmable bulb contains a filament-shaped LED coated in graphene. It was designed at Manchester University, where the material was discovered.

    It is said to cut energy use by 10% and last longer owing to its conductivity.

    It is expected to be priced lower than some LED bulbs, which can cost about £15 each.

    <click here for link>

    15 pounds seems expensive. 999 pesos
  • lets do the math. LED is 90% more efficient than incandescent. 10% better than LED is 91% more efficient than incandescent

    diminishing returns. thats why conservation is good but it can only get you so far. you need to also increase electricity production/decrease electricity price
  • bought the new 5w GES bulb. mas madilim siya compared to the 5.5w na 2yr warranty also. for 20 peso difference, get the 5.5w nalang.
  • Mga masters OT lang:

    Meron po kayang nabibili na led light for chillers na ref? Yung kagaya ng mga nasa convenient stores? Napundi na po kasi yung sa amin sa tindahan eh.

    TiA sa mga sasagot. ^^
  • e12 ang pwet ng refrigerator bulb ko. Incandescent e12's can be found in big hardware stores because they are used or were used as decorative lights or for home religious shrines

    e12 LED's are very very rare. aside from ebay where you can buy e12 LEd bulbs or e12 to e27 adaptors, the best chance is if you find a night light which is e12 inside. But its a long shot

    DIY nalang. Break open an e12 incandescent then solder wires to an e27 1w bulb

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  • all the different kinds of edison screw pwet ng bulb

    <click here for link>

    there are other formats for house bulbs that are not screw type. When we get to bulbs for cars there are more, much more

    we dont know exactly what kind of pwet your chiller's bulb is so better find out.

    -- edited by AmalgamvsAloof on Mar 31 2015, 09:27 PM

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