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  • ^^

  • @Lanvin

    Out of curiousity what amp are you using on the LCD-3? Are you also using a separate DAC or are using a DAC/AMP combo? Thanks
  • I'm using the headphone out of my roksan kandy k2 stereo amp. Couldn't hear the difference between this and some $1~1.5k solid state headphone amps. Screaming loud at 9'o'clock dial.

    A better DAC may improve the sound but, i'm content as it is. I'd rather buy another headphone than a headphone amp. :)

    Don't want to invest on tube amps, but they're very good too.
  • @Lanvin

    Thank your sir! I'm doing some research on headphone SS amps that are being sold locally... and was looking for a potential upgrade of the O2+ODAC :-)

    I was looking for an amp in the $500-ish range that would be powerful enough for planar magnetics and be a good match with high impedance Senns. Something compact that would not take up too much space on a computer desk.

    Regarding tube amps... they are OK and I've been hearing a lot about them. But I think they need extra care and maintenance... and tubes need to be replaced regularly right?

    One potential amp I'm looking at is the Violectric / Lake People brand... but its painfully expensive! and I don't think anyone is selling it locally. They have this feature where you can configure the impedance / gain of the amp so you can use it with all kinds of headphones ~ IEMs.

    Anyway was just curious what other people are using, and maybe there might be cheaper options for me :-)
  • Guys want to share this good website for burning-in your headphones or speakers :-)

    iFi - Burn-In Like A Pro
    <click here for link>

    They iFi engineers have posted a 2 minute long burn-in signal in MP3 and FLAC quality. They also include 2-minute long pink noise in both in-phase and out-of-phase audio.

    I'm using the burn-in FLAC file on a repeated loop in Foobar to burn-in my headphones. Whats nice is that since they are out-of-phase I can change the output to mono so the signal cancels each other and is more quiet.

    If you have speakers you want to burn-in you can position the speakers facing each other so the burn-in signal cancels out and does not emit any noise :-)
  • iFi micro idsd fits your budget. :) The dac is great, and the amp is beefy. May ipurifier pa if your source is a PC.

    If you really want solid state desktop amps, burson soloist or soloist sl, sa TLR ata meron. Haven't seen a vioelectric or lake people amp for sale bnew here, usually pina ship talaga. Gustard H10 is a copy of V200 daw, pero shipping din sya.

    Matagal naman bago masira ang tubes, pero usually pinapaltan agad for sq preferences. Medyo tricky lang if you will get one amp for both of your headphones. Planars dont play well with OTL tube amps.

    You don't have to spend so much on gears honestly, diminishing returns kick in HARD at around 20k php. Buy ka lang if you've personally heard a certain setup tapos you REALLY want that sound, mahirap mag experiment, magastos!
  • ^
    I also looked at iFi Micro iDSD and its a good compact dac/amp combo... the Micro iUSB is also interesting as well. I would prefer sana yung separate na ang amp so I can change the dac in the future. Medyo malikot din ang developments sa dacs ngayon (especially with DSD) so I think its better kung flexible ang setup by going with a dedicated amp.

    Yung Burson Soloist is a great headphone amp and I saw TLR is also selling the other Burson variants. Very expensive... but I read na maganda ang synergy niya with Audeze LCD-2.

    I would like to stick with solid-state amps for now so I can use one amp for both headphones (dynamic + planar). Although meron mga relatively affordable tube amps available like HiFiMan EF-2 and EF-5 series, Little Dot MKIV, Cayin, and also the locally made tube amps like AMX. But I think hindi pa ako ready to go into tube amps and tube rolling.

    I'm leaning more on the China made amps like Audio-GD, Yulong, and other brands. Yung Gustard H10 looks really good and parang re-design siya of the Violectric V200 and definitely does not look like a cheap clone. Will definitely look at that amp :-)

    I agree sa diminishing returns and very limited din ako sa budget, so I'm trying to do a lot of research (and getting opinions) before buying :-)
  • @ sleepy

    kakabile mo pa lang ng O2+ODAC.. naghahanap ka na ng iba. sabi sayo eh! you already went to the dark side, whether you have the budget or not.. there is no turning back!
  • Agreed, that's why my recommendation is get the most expensive headphones that your budget allows, you'll be buying them eventually anyway! hahahahaha!

    Honestly, if I got a hd600 with a decent amp, then unsubscribe sa mga headphone forums, i'd probably be very happy with that setup for a loooong time.
  • Actually baliktad sakin noong nasa hobby pa ako, inuuna ko ang source/DAC. Tapos amp, then headphones.

    Bakit source ang una? this is not a debate by the way, and i do not plan to start one. share ko lang experiences ko nung namimile ako ng top tier gear. HD600 was considered a top tier gear that time, by the way. Hanggang ngayon considered as top-tier padin ang HD580, 600, at 650 para sakin. Baka kasi hinde nako namimile... hehe! Anyways,

    1. Source ang pinakamahirap ibenta sa tatlo, lalo na pag desktop. So i build around all my rigs from one source. Headphone sobrang dali ibenta compared sa source, kasi kadalasan ang mentality ng tao ay-- "unahin ang headphone." Hinde naman naka direct kay sir Lanvin ito, ganyan din kasi ako dati eh! until I realized something, see #3.

    2. Source should be the most neutral of the three, always. Minimal lang ang changes dapat nyan pag dating sa tonality. Kung mag pares ka ng amp, minimal lang dapat ang change sa sound nyan. One could have the source tilted to be a bit bright, or a bit warm, depending on his/her preference. Ang headphone ang laki ng variation pag dating sa tonality. Amp din ganun, kahit top tier amps pa yan. Kahit magpalit ng headphone o amp, or electrostatic man o orthodynamic, yung change sa tonality nasa headphone and amp padin, wala sa source. So one less huge spending pag nagkataon.

    3. One could do the other way around, or the usual way, starting with headphones. That is OK too kagaya ng sinabi ko ganyan din ako until I realized something--- mas magastos siya ng di hamak compared pag inuna ang source, lalo na kung malaki-laki na ang gastos natin. 10kphp for a source is actually expensive na para sakin hehe... Of course, my source that I chose is alot more expensive that time.

    Hinde ba magastos din kung palit ka ng palit ng headphone? Well yeah, pero kagaya ng sinabi ko sa #1, mas mahirap ibenta ang source compared sa headphones! Magbenta ka ng popular headphone tapos babaan mo ng konti yung presyo, malamang bile na agad yan. Magbenta ka ng popular DAC, malamang may magtatanong pa sayo ng ganito: "kelangan ba talaga yan?" haha..

    4. Pag nandyan na ang preferred source mo, better kung may amp ka na din. Kahit ano ipalit mo na headphone maganda na tunog nyan. Yung preference mo na lang sa tonality ang hinahanap mo, and again, mas madali magpalit palit ng headphone to get your preference or "synergy," kasi madali siyang ibenta.


    Matagal nako nag stop mag post dito, at sa hobby na ito. Nakiki-epal lang ule kasi nandito si Boss Sleepy at mag start siya ng "adventure," I tried stopping him through PM and nope! I failed hard, so susubaybayan ko na lang ang kanyang ekspedisyon! :D

    EDIT: some grammar typo, 2AM na haha

    -- edited by Dyaems on May 29 2015, 02:14 AM
  • @dyaems
    kakabile mo pa lang ng O2+ODAC.. naghahanap ka na ng iba. sabi sayo eh! you already went to the dark side, whether you have the budget or not.. there is no turning back!

    Honga eh! na poison ako sa sound ng planar magnetics... ganda kasi ng bass nakaka-addict pala pakinggan... the dark side of bass :-)

    Yung O2+ODAC is a good purchase kumbaga hindi ko siya considered na nasayang ang budget. I think siya na ang one of the best entry-level DAC/AMP para sa headphones and I wish hindi ko na binili ang FiiO E17 kung alam ko na sa PC nalang ako makikinig. Also I got the O2+ODAC at 30% less than the discounted price... second hand lang pero parang bago parin ang dating. Nung binuksan ko ang box akala ko brand new ang unit, ganun siya kalinis when I got it from the seller :-)

    Problem lang talaga is hindi siya good match sa HiFiMan HE400i sa pandinig ko. Pero naka 30+ hours of burn-in narin ako and I think yung sound is getting better. Or baka imagination ko lang dahil nasasanay na ears ko at naging forgiving na sila sa tunog. With the Senn HD600 ok ang pairing with the O2+ODAC very satisfactory na siya para sa akin to be honest.

    I'm hoping maka-upgrade ako to a bang-for-buck china made amp and dac na pwede ko i-pair sa higher model headphones. Siguro pag nagsawa na sa HE400i might sell and upgrade to HE560 or equivalent niya sa Audeze LCD series. Mahirap pala i-drive ang planar magnetics... but so far siya na ata ang pinaka maganda na bass sound na narinig ko sa headphones :-)

    Nakiki-epal lang ule kasi nandito si Boss Sleepy at mag start siya ng "adventure," I tried stopping him through PM and nope! I failed hard, so susubaybayan ko na lang ang kanyang ekspedisyon! :D

    Ok lang boss direk thanks din sa advice :-) Wala narin kasi akong time mag PC games kaya shift muna sa ibang hobby hehe. Ok naman din mag invest sa audio gears kasi hindi rin sila mabilis ma-obsolete tulad ng mga CPU, GPU etc. Yun lang kailangan talaga dumaan sa research and kuha ng advise sa mga fellow headfiers dahil mahirap pala magkamali dito... magastos!

    -- edited by sleepygeepy on May 29 2015, 03:57 AM
  • No offense taken, this hobby is very subjective naman. Madami na din akong nakausap na we agreed to disagree.

    Pero in this case, i actually agree, parehas tayo ng naiisip, just from a different perspective if you think about it. especially on point number 2. Kaya ako I go for headphones first cause its the factor in the chain that affects the sq the most (for me). And also the resell is easier. Ive seen $2k dacs for sale at around 1k, pero hirap ibenta! Haha!

    Thinking back, i always had the source before i got into headfi. I may have taken that for granted. Im exclusively a pc user even when i was younger and My grandpa was a big stereo fan and i got some hand me downs na vintage speakers and floorstanders. Haha.

    The source approach is nice too, when you get the neutral source, mas makikilala mo ung sound characteristics ng speakers/headphone na isasaksak mo. I agree with that!

    All in all, it depends on you, pero ang wallet natin ang laging talo.

    For the cost factor
    Yeah, thats why i had that tidbit in the end na kung satisfied ka na sa naririnig mo you may want to stop. Ung mga babayaran mo na premium(thousands of dollars) is around 5-10% more performance that what you have.

    End of the day, i LOVE music thats why im spending so much. Haha. (not recommended)
  • Sa akin naman, the route is the iwas sa kati route :D Sansa Fuze user parin hanggang ngayon then palit ng IEM pag may significant change sa SQ lang talaga haha

    So far Sansa Fuze + ATH IM03... siguro pag dumating ang panahon Sansa Fuze + custom IEM na :D

    -- edited by fakuryu on May 29 2015, 03:56 AM
  • @ fakuryu

    yan nga sinasabi ko, iwas kati dahil mahirap yan lalo na kung medyo may-kamahalan na yung bibilihin. binenta ko na lahat ng desktop ko at balik sa decent-sounding speakers pang pc, pareho ata tayo ng speaker haha, chipipay pero maganda tumunog!

    so bumalik ako sa portable, ang gamit ko limang taon na ata, di nako nagpalit. balak ko pa nga bumile ng pangalawa eh xD

    @ lanvin

    mabilis lang pumili kasi ng source kung mahilig magpunta ng meet, lalo na mga malalaking meets katulad ng kenjam. kagaya ng sinabi mo sa isang post:

    Buy ka lang if you've personally heard a certain setup tapos you REALLY want that sound, mahirap mag experiment, magastos!

    ganyan din ginawa ko para makuha ko yung source na gusto ko eh! haha

    @ sleepy

    benta mo na lang yan he400i at bumile ng vintage ortho sa ebay haha since bass lang naman ata ang habol mo dyan. even a properly modded T50RP will give you that amount of bass for less than 10kphp since nasa 7k lang ata ang T50RP.

    natry ko sa hifi show yung He560 at maganda siya, i prefer it over the lcd3. kaso yung setup ata na ginagamit tig 1M ata kung di ako nagkakamali lol... dami pera ni boss Rico eh =))

    di ko pa naririnig yung he400i, doble price difference nyan compared sa he560. baka yung sound difference nya hinde sulit. again, naghahanap ka na agad ng kapalit wala pang isang linggo xD kati kati kati hahaha

    better solution siguro is to sell the HE400i and stick with the HD600 setup :) im pretty sure Lanvin will agree hehe

    -- edited by Dyaems on May 29 2015, 04:23 AM
  • @Dyaems

    Well para sa akin mas nagugustuhan ko yung tunog ng HE400i compared sa HD600 sa ngayon hehe :-) Kasi parang same level of clarity but smooth ang midrange with strong bass punch. So mas "fun sounding" siya na headphone para sa akin and so far bagay naman sa music genres na pinapakinggan ko. Ganda yung sound ng vocals with punchy bass and I'm sure in time mas lalo gaganda pa sound niya pag fully burnt-in na yung drivers. What more with a better amp hehe...

    Yung HD600 maganda siya for all around listening dahil very clear at detailed ang sound niya sa highs, mids, lows, pero to me not as fun sounding as the HE400i. To be fair hindi ko parin na umpisa i-burn-in ang HD600 kaya siguro hindi pa nag open fully ang sound niya. So on standby mode muna siya habang ginagamit ko ang HE400i, next na siya sa burn-in :-)

    Naghahanap ako before ng modded T50RP tulad ng Alpha Dogs pero wala naman kasi ako makita na local seller. Ayaw ko din kasi mag order from abroad baka mahirapan ako sa warranty and blind purchase yun for sure. Mas comfortable ako kung may local seller nagbebenta para may tutulong sa akin for warranty purposes.

    Siguro ang logical upgrade ko sa HE400i is the HE560 pero hindi pa ako pwede mag upgrade until nakabili na ako ng medyo matino na amp na kaya mag-drive ng planar magnetics. Medyo matagal tagal pa yun for sure at maghintay din ako na baka may magbenta ng second hand na HE560 sa forums. BTW ok na sa akin yung comfort ng HiFiMan dahil napansin ko mas magaan siya sa ulo and ok naman ang support ng headphone band for a planar magnetic headphone. Maganda din ang focus pads ng HE400i kasi sealed ang pakiramdam pero hindi naman mainit sa tenga.

    No rush pa naman ako mag upgrade ng headphones kakabili palang kasi, yung gusto ko unahin ang amp and dac sana :-)
  • @Dyaems

    binenta ko na lahat ng desktop ko at balik sa decent-sounding speakers pang pc, pareho ata tayo ng speaker haha, chipipay pero maganda tumunog!

    +1 sa cheap but good! Haha
  • So far Sansa Fuze + ATH IM03... siguro pag dumating ang panahon Sansa Fuze + custom IEM na :D

    Ano ba balak mong CIEM if ever? May napupusuan ka na ba? :)

    Ang adik lang naman kasi ng presyo ng Noble K10 eh. -_-
  • Ano ba balak mong CIEM if ever? May napupusuan ka na ba? :)

    Ang adik lang naman kasi ng presyo ng Noble K10 eh. -_-

    Hindi ko pa sure kung anong CIEM pero if ever na kukuha ako, gusto ko wood CIEM :D pero mukhang matatagalan kasi:

    -nung nagka McKinley minimeet kami nila amievil at krispppy at hindi ko matandaan yung dalawa, sabu nila yung fit, comfort at isolation nung IM03 sa malaking tenga ay parang custom na daw or almost as close (naka custom yung isa dun sa dalawa na hindi ko matandaan kung sino hehe, sayang hindi narining ni amievil yung IM03 miske officemate kami), pero isa talaga sya sa pinaka comfortable na IEM na nagamit ko at nagkaroon ako lalo na gamit yung Xoami tips na IMHO kasing lambot ng Sony Hybrids. Baka nga mas maganda pa yung Xiaomi tips kasi wide bore sya (hindi ko matandaan kung saan ko tinabi Hybrids ko).
    -sa dami ng CIEM makers, hirap masabi kung anong soundsig ang mapupusuan ko. Sana malapit sa signature ng Audiotechnica kasi sila talaga ang gusto ko na tunog

    So ang madaling sagot ay baka reshell ang route na gagawin ko :) basta kasing sexy nito:

    External Image
  • ^ Gusto ko rin ng wood! Yung Prestige wood ng Noble sobrang mouthwatering! Hanggang like lang ako sa Facebook page nila. Hahahaha

    Alam ko si Gab (Polaris Audio Design) may mga demo units naman siya ng 1964EARS, Noble, etc. Yun lang kapag nakasubok ka, alam na. :p
  • ^^

    Para ba sa mga songer yan :-p
  • @sleepygeepy

    Try looking at the amps made by garage1217 - Owned by Jeremy and Solderdude. Both of them are well known in the diy scene. They sell high quality amps for very little money. And kung mahilig ka mag diy, mas mura pa yung presyo. Puro hybrid amps ang items nila and may isang SS. Downside lang is hindi available locally.
  • Para ba sa mga songer yan :-p

    Artists/musicians, audiophiles, enthusiasts, etc. Kahit sino naman pwede. Iba lang kasi talaga yung fit/comfort ng CIEMs eh.
  • Rumored to have a pricepoint of only $299! Hope this one arrives here very soon :)

    External Image

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