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TPC HeadFi Group (No Trading, mention of Seller/Shop Name, Limit Size to 640pixel Max)

  • @amievil

    conflict sa sched ko yung date eh kaya hindi ako nakapunta... hanggang like na nga lang ako ng pics sa fb eh. hehe.

    wala ko c10 bro, monoprice pa din. haha
  • 3rd Siren Series from JH Audio

    - Kevlar fiber shell (Red & Black) with Al bezel and Carton Fiber insert
    - All new proprietary Driver
    - 8 Driver : Dual Low, Dual Mid, Quad High
    - Stainless Steel Tube Waveguide
    - Adjustable Bass
    - Both 3.5mm unbalance and 2.5mm balance cables are included.
    - Astell&Kern worldwide exclusive

    External Image


    The JH Audio Layla is a 12-driver (quad-low, quad-mid, quad-high) in-ear monitor, and is the new flagship of the Jerry Harvey Audio line. The universal-fit Layla is priced at $2499.

    The JH Audio Angie is an 8-driver (dual-low, dual-mid, quad-high) in-ear monitor, and comes in as the most affordable model in Jerry Harvey Audio's Siren Series. The universal-fit Angie is priced at $999.

    The universal-fit versions of the Layla and Angie are being offered exclusively through Astell&Kern, and Astell&Kern's distributors and dealers worldwide.

    The custom-fit versions of the Jerry Harvey Audio Layla and Angie will be offered directly through Jerry Harvey Audio in the first quarter of 2015.

    <click here for link>
  • @jaibautista

    No regrets on the spent moolah. Easily the best purchase I've had for an IEM in my personal audio journey.
  • Anybody tried using cc on egghead? Baka mag dx90 ako kung totoong 0% sila for 12 mo hehe
  • @jay_x_9

    Welcome onboard the ATH-IM70 cruise ship brotha! :) happy to be of service to those seeking audio nirvana! :D

    (And apologies to your wallet!) ;)
  • Sarap yan ipares dito <click here for link>
    Tapos ipa custom fit, lalo na yung JHA Layla. :)
  • Put on your best IEM/Headphone and listen to this: <click here for link>

    I love Storms Are On the Ocean. :D

    I ran the track through my Miracle and as expected it sounded really good because acoustic tracks are one of the greatest strengths of this IEM (as pointed out by Tyll Hertsens in his TOTL custom IEM review). There are a lot of microdetails in the track, particularly in the left channel because this is more "raw" recording than usual and includes faint pops and crackles, some of which I think originate from how the instruments are handled/shifted while recording.

    Since this is a Chesky recording, it reminds me of my favorite from the Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem (<click here for link>). This is another good test track with a lot of details too, although I find the reverb in the recording rather excessive and would have wanted a "drier" vocal presentation.
  • The Sessions from the 17th Ward was a binaural recording.

    Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room with the performers or instruments. This effect is often created using a technique known as "Dummy head recording", wherein a mannequin head is outfitted with a microphone in each ear. Binaural recording is intended for replay using headphones and will not translate properly over stereo speakers.

    <click here for link>

    -- edited by ronnel0918 on Dec 20 2014, 07:15 AM
  • Yup, I did notice that it was labeled as a binaural recording. That's why an IEM with good imaging capabilities should be able to resolve the position of the instruments around the soundstage.

    About the JH Audio Layla, my only comment is that they keep driving up the prices of TOTL customs more and more. If I had to get a JH custom I'd actually pick the JH13 FP Pro.
  • ...and $2499 for a universal fit? Naw. Hahaha

    Yung Angie pwede pa eh.
  • Yung Angie pwede pa eh.

    (dual-low, dual-mid, quad-high)??? medyo kakaiba yung setup nito..
  • guys, would you recommend going straight to DX90 kahit na gears ko e SR80 lang and TTpod na iem?

    or kahit DX50 lang sapat na? i'll be coming from a Lumia 730 as DAP.
  • (dual-low, dual-mid, quad-high)??? medyo kakaiba yung setup nito..

    I agree. Expected ko nga diyan quad-low eh.

    To quote Jerry Harvey Audio:

    The dual low dual mid and quad high configuration gives a very accurate representation of whatever source it has to reproduce. The audio signature is reference quality. The Angie hasthe same 4th order crossover network as Layla. The Angie bass response is perfectly flat when attenuated or up to +10 db of bass boost at 60hz when boosted.

    Press Release: <click here for link>
  • I agree. Expected ko nga diyan quad-low eh.

    or 3 low, 2 mid, 3 high. putting quad BA dedicate for the high could sounds very fatiguing and
    possible tons of HISSSSssss... but the good side the sound could be very detailed and sweet
    for female vocals. anyhow intay intay nalang sa mga makakasubok at anung maririnig nila
  • Guys, where to buy Sony hybrid tips here in the Philippines? Thanks.
  • Mga Sirs good pm need your inputs im planning to purchase iem or amp ask ko lang po kung anu experience or impressions nyo po sa dalawa 1964ears Qi or fidue A83 sa amp po nasa list ko jds c5, or fiio e12a.current sound setup x5 um3x. Mostly played jazz,rock,pop. Tia
  • guys, ano mas maganda, ath ws33x or ung jbl synchros s300? or kung may marecommend kau na mga 3k na headphones, gamit sana pang commute
  • Nakabili na po ako ng Philips SHE 3590. Masmalinaw nga ang tunog niya kumpara sa Coloud Pop, may bass pero sakto lang. Nagustuhan ko siya. Kaso ang nnipis nang kable.
  • Sa mga ATH-M50/s/x owners,

    Habang tumatagal ba, nababawasan yung head clamping force? Medyo masakit sa side ng tenga ko yung pressure ng ear pads.
  • mrbungle my solution sa clamping ng athm50.. my tutorial sa head fi.. medyu nakakatakot lang gawin..
  • You know an IEM is so big they stick out on your ear. :p

    External Image

    External Image

    ...and IM70 was supposed to be uncomfortable? Hehehe

    Credits to Head-Fi for pictures.
  • Well, it's inevitable that if you cram 8 or 12 drivers (for the Angie and Layla respectively) you'll end up with a big IEM. If you want the smallest or least obtrusive form factor then you'll need to go for the custom version. For universals they have to "play safe" and not make the IEM too big sideways so it will fit for the vast majority of ears but this means they have to make it thicker (i.e. longer along the IEM's axis).
  • Sa mga ATH-M50/s/x owners,

    Habang tumatagal ba, nababawasan yung head clamping force? Medyo masakit sa side ng tenga ko yung pressure ng ear pads.

    i had this same experience bro after few days of wearing my bnew m50. ang ginawa ko, binabad ko sya magdamag sa unan na maliit na pabilog o yung basta tinupi kong unan :) after 2 overnights, swabe sa comfort na :D
  • pls try this at your own risk, pero halos ganyan yung spacing na ginwa ko nang ginwa kong dummy head ung unan. matibay naman yang clamp.

    External Image
  • ^ ginawa ko na yan sa day-old M50x ko.

    Ok naman. Mukhang matibay yung band. Medyo nabawasan yung pressure.

    Sanayan na lang. Ayoko rin masyadong lumuwag at baka maapektohan yung isolation at SQ.
  • ano sir ung twag dyan sa iem na nakapaikot sa tenga ung post po ni sir ronnel0918

    ung design habol ko , para di malaglag sa tenga tnx :)

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