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RC Helicopter

  • Going back to RC Helis...


    Any idea how RoadRats Heli boards are wired? I have one of those roadrats helis lying around. After a bad crash, the owner gave it to me to tinker with. He took off and threw away both side LEDs (ripping off the wires in the process). One of them, I think, had the power switch. The wires for the power switch are still intact (Red, Black, Orange). I don't know how to turn it on with just the wires and what wires are missing that prevent it from getting started and flying again.

    External Image

    I think the "plugs" are all there though some of them have wires going nowhere (disconnected, baka LEDs).

    Can you help me out?
  • Not sure i can help unless i can physically hold it and look it over. Have you checked the board for any contacts that look like it's supposed to have something soldered on it?

    Tried out the 433 on my bixler yesterday, got it just past Splash island (1.5km) and i think i got to atleast 1.6km before the video fuzzed out. The FrSky's limit is 1.5km and the OrangeLRS stayed strong at 1.6, I'm gonna try again later with a separate, 500mah battery for the video system and see if that clears up the video a bit :)

    I used to panic with every little glitch, but now, having the screen fuzz out doesn't seem to matter. Must be getting used to it.

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  • That's 1.6Kms without range alarms and with your "hand-crafted" dipoles? That's great! It might even do twice that or more.

    Which frequency did you use for your vid? 1.3GHz or 5.8Ghz? Any chance you might be needing better antennas for your video gear?

    There doesn't seem to be any broken solders. If I remember correctly, the 3 power lines were all connected to the switch. The 2 plugs I labeled "don't know" seem to be LEDs. One of them is directly connected to the tail rotor LED.

    If you'd like, I can send the thing to you via LBC. :)

    -- edited by alexraz on Apr 26 2014, 02:31 PM
  • No range alarms for the 433 as long as you remember to keep your radios antenna vertical. I tend to relax too much and end up pointing the null at the plane sometimes. The alarm sort of alerts me when i'm slacking and it goes silent when i hold the radio properly.

    The video is 5.8Ghz 200mw with a CP antenna. The groundstation is a rather badly repaired 6 turn helical (Got crushed and the center shaft broke, didn't quite set it back properly when i repaired it). The trouble i have right now is how to cut the center plastic dowel so it stands up perfectly 90 degrees so it can support the helical properly.

    I don't think i'll be able to figure it out anyway. Most hobby grade heli's don't have an ON switch. The only one i have that does was an iOS controlled coaxial and that one had the switch directly soldered to the PCB.
  • Did your view totally fuzz out? How were you able to steer it back to within video range?

    Have you tried a razor fixed on a dremmel? :) Just a thought. I've been using an angle grinder with a saw blade all day on another, carpentry related, project.

    I'm thinking of putting together a moxon for the ground station for starters and a dipole for the receiver at the front end of the quad where the motors are farthest from each other. An alternative is a horizontally oriented dipole posted from the bottom under the FC.

    Do you think either will work?

    EDIT: Additional questions

    Did you get a 9XR from HobbyKing? I tried to get one but when I get to the shipping part, the minimum shipping cost is $25, $39 if I add other items and always EMS (no other option). Has this happened to you?

    If this remains the case, it would be cheaper to get it locally.

    -- edited by alexraz on Apr 26 2014, 07:21 PM
  • At the time i got it there was not other 9XR's in stock locally, and i had a lot of hard to find stuff included in the shipment as well so i actually got everything cheaper after EMS and customs.

    Not sure about those antennas, my personal experience are the CP, Whip, Dipole and Helical. I still have to make a moxon or bowtie antenna.

    After the other days successful flight where it performed atleast as good as the FrSky. Today, i set the destination for Carmona about 2km away.


    Got there after four minutes. You should be able to see how the video fades in and out there.
  • Nice!

    Maybe the noise floor is higher over Splash Island. All in all that was a good flight. How's the batt level when it got back? How do you navigate? It's amazing that you know the terrain. Is it just by sight? Your OSD only shows recording time and batt voltage.
  • Btw, I have HK buddy codes for rotorbits 10X4.5 props (set of 4 black and set of 4 red).

    Red 10x4.5 (2 CW and 2 CCW) (19ish% discount)
    <click here for link>

    Black 10x4.5 (2 CW and 2 CCW) (19ish% discount)
    <click here for link>

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  • Have you guys tried the Zippy Lipos. I hope they're good.

    I'm looking to get a few of these <click here for link> and an accucell <click here for link>, plus a couple of Afros <click here for link>.
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  • removed

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  • I fly there all the time so i'm pretty familiar with the area. I just follow the highway so i don't get lost, and my flying site is about a kilometer of leveled grass bordered by multicolored roofs from the surrounding subdivisions so it's pretty distinct. I also can't miss the golf course next to it.

    I'm moved the rest of the replies to the other thread since they're about plane FPV and no longer helicopter related :)

  • Ok pa rin ba bumili ng v912 or meron na syang katapat na mas maganda at the same price? Tia.
  • v912 brushless mern na. v913 mas malaki and more visible kapag malayo.
  • guys. walkera v450d03 parts sa manila area any idea? tail rotor head set
  • Hello po! I need help with my Syma F1 Fiery Dragon. Meron po b kau alam na service center dito? (hangat maari along paranaque lng kng wla basta NCR). Nakakapag taka lng kc na whenever push the throttle at max rom ng main propeller bigla na lng nag loose connection. Salamat po
  • mga sir saan po nakaka bili ng main shaft ng Syma s5 External Image
  • check this out guys, try nyo din! :D
    http://9gag.tv/p/aKoY6M/racing-drones-through-a-forest-is-a-lot-like-placing-you-star-wars-speeder-chase?ref=fbp <click here for link>
  • @all

    may nakaexperience na ba sa inyo ng delay sa EMS shipping? gaano katagal usually bago dumating ang packages sa inyo?

    and kung may delay, may paraan ba to follow up? pag track ko kasi ng package customs na daw nung oct 27 pa.

  • Depende sa size nung package. Last nag pa EMS ako, small envelop galing sa Japan, 3 days lang, doorstep delivery pa. Before nun may larger order ako na dumating naka box inabot ng more than almost 2 weeks. May dumating na notice para pa pick up sakin sa EMS main sa may domestic.

    If ever na kailangan mong pick upin sa EMS main, dala ka ng maraming maraming pera para sa tax and fees.

    Online tracking:
    <click here for link>

    Phone tracking :
    (02) 8549825


    -- edited by alexraz on Nov 05 2014, 04:44 AM
  • Yung wl v911 ko na helicopter ay nasira na yung controller, badtrip kasi pinaglaruan tas nahulog mula 3rd floor. may nakita ako na walkera devo 7 controller sa sulit, pwede kaya to? alam ko 2.4ghz din ito? pwede din kaya mapagana nito yung mga rc cars ko na 2.4ghz? wala palla silang receiver.. pwede kaya ma bind? salamat ..
  • Mga bossing uuwi ako this feb para sa graduation ng anak ko, isang 11 at 12 years old, bilin sa akin ay helicopter at yung isa naman ay apat daw yung elisi, malamang yung quad at nakita sa kapitbahay namin, nakabili na ako ng wl v911 tas sinamahan ko na din ng extra batt and elesi, kahit na may kasama sa box, anung maganda quad yung medyo kasing laki ng v911? yung syma x5c at hubsan x4 yung nakita ko na available dito.. anu kaya mas ok? tinitingnan ko pa lang mukang mas madaling pag laruan yung quad? malaki naman yung bakuran namin kaya mahit paliparin nila ng mataas pk lang.. salamat ga boss sa reply..
  • Multi-tools, Blades and EDC Philippines
    <click here for link>
  • nagsisimula akong mag-adik sa pagpapalipad lolz

    meron akong small heli na all metal, siguro 2 years na nasa akin pero lately ko lang binuksan at nagtry paliparin...

    mas mahirap ang heli rc kesa sa normal na car rc... kasi hindi lang forward/backward left/right ang controls... ang heli may up/down at rotation pa lolz

    so anyway, hindi ko pa nagagamay masyado yung heli... ilang crash na rin ako, buti matibay haha

    nung sat, bumili ako ng quad... jj-500 yung model... 4channel, 6gyro etc...
    mas nadalian akong maghover nito kesa sa heli... kasi plastic kaya hindi ako masayadong takot magcrash haha

    although nasira ko na yung isang part ng frame sa kakabagsak sa ground at bangga sa walls...

    kapag nagamay ko na yung jj-500 at yung heli, balak ko magbuo ng carbon fiber na quad with simple FPV setup... siguro max budget ko is 15k kasama na yung transmitter (excluding yung FPV)... saka na yung FPV kapag magaling na ako magpalipad...

    ang transmitter na nagustuhan ko based on reviews ay FlySky FS-T6 2.4ghz...
    mukhang ito ang una kong bibilhin with 4 extra receivers for future use...
  • ^
    Mas stable talaga ang quad dahil nga sa apat na rotors saka 6 axis gyro.

    Pag nag progress ka na sa quad/multirotot lipat ka na dito:

    <click here for link>

  • alexraz Send Message View User Items on March 23, 2015 06:22 PM
    Mas stable talaga ang quad dahil nga sa apat na rotors saka 6 axis gyro.

    yan din sinabi ko sa shop na binilhan ko nung jj-500, mas madaling ihover ang quad kesa dun sa heli haha...

    bitin lang yung airtime... mga 5-8mins lang sakin...

    anong mas preferred nyo, high capacity na batt o maraming batt na lang? lolz

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