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The ASrock Invasion : The Z87 Fatal1ty Professional Experience (Part 2)

  • The ASrock Invasion – The Z87 Fatal1ty Professional Experience (Part 2 of 2)

    By: The_Big_Viper and lg_whafu





    We decided on different tests to make full use of the motherboards different aspects and performance features.


    Test Bed Specs:

    CPU : Intel Core i7 4770K
    MOTHERBOARD : ASRock Z87 Fatal1ty Professional
    CPU COOLER : Thermaltake Water Extreme 3.0
    MEMORY : AVEXIR Core Series @2666MHz 8GB
    GRAPHICS CARD : EVGA GTX 650 2GB 192 Bit/Sapphire HD Radeon Flex 7950 3GB 384 Bit
    INT. STORAGE : SAMSUNG Spinpoint 500GB 7200 RPM
    PSU : FSP APN 700W 80+
    DISPLAY : LG FLATRON E2290 22″ LED 1920 x 1080p
    OS : Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (Updated)
    SOUND CARD : CREATIVE X-Fi Fatal1ty Extreme 7.1 Audio Box
    HEADPHONES : Co:caine Sound Clash Urban Headset
    SPEAKERS : Altec Lansin ATP3
    : Encore Enma 7.1 Audio Box





    Cinebench R11.5: This real-world cross-platform test suite that evaluates the computer’s performance capabilities. CINEBENCH is based on MAXON’s award-winning animation software CINEMA 4D, which is used extensively by studios and production houses worldwide for 3D content creation. We tested the both at Stock and Overclock.

    Stock Run: CPU – 8.21(with EVGA as the Video Card)

    Click the image to Enlarge


    CPU – 8.16 / Open GL – 119.63

    Validations: http://valid.canardpc.com/2885774  and http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/crs6b/

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper  –At Stock running Cinebench R11.5 which is a CPU Hungry benchmark as well as test for 4D animations and Compute on the Open GL Benchmarks. The numbers are quite high as these scores (8.16pts and 8.21pts respectively) are achieved on my 4.6Ghz Overclocked FX8350. However we experienced some throttling here as the OC Formula came away with 8.62pts at stock. This holds through for the OpenGL score where the OC Formulas score 129.09 fps as to 119.63 fps

    lg_whafu – Stock runs looks pretty cool, albeit it’s a bit slower than the runs we’ve got from our Z87 OC FORMULA. CPU throttling at stock would mean that it’s running a tad hotter than the usual, and would probably mean that the TIM is not doing its job, or the motherboard is feeding the CPU with an anomalous voltage.  


    Overclocked Run


    CPU – 10.04 / Open GL – 143.69

    Validations: http://valid.canardpc.com/2887123 and http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/27246/

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – The Overclocked Run proved to be risky as the Retail 4770k was spewing fire literally with hot temperatures. It wasn’t easy but we managed to get this done without thermal much throttling kicking in. At 10.04pts compared to OC Formulas 10.08pts, the Fatal1ty is crunching good numbers. Even the OpenGL Score for Fatal1ty is 143.69fps compared to the 145.32fps for OC formula proves the gap is closing in.

    lg_whafu – Still, the OC Formula proved to be the fastest board wherever we may look at it. Nice overclocked results from the FATAL1TY board, nonetheless.


    Wprime - is a multi-threaded benchmarking application designed to measure the raw computational power of a CPU. It can be configured to run on a custom number of threads to accommodate multi-core CPUs.

    Wprime 1024M – 265.856s and Wprime 32M – 8.455s

    Click the image to Enlarge


    Wprime 1024M – 255.404s and Wprime 32M – 8.179s

    Validations: http://valid.canardpc.com/2885774

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – The initial Stock Runs recorded were quite descent as wprime 32m runs were at 8.179s (2666Mhz RAMS) and 8.445s (1600 RAMS) and 265.856s (2666Mhz Rams) and 255.404s (1600Mhz RAMS). There’s a noted 10s differential with memory frequencies.

    lg_whafu – That’s a whooping difference between the native 1600Mhz, and the overclocked 2666Mhz scores.


    Wprime 1024M and 32M OC Run

    Wprime 1024M – 218.025s and Wprime 32M – 6.96s

    Validations: http://valid.canardpc.com/2886053

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – A very slight decrease in time was recorded after running wprime with the processor overclocked. A 1.916s differential with no tweaks on rams.

    lg_whafu – That 1.916 second difference is actually a huge decrease in time in comparison to the 1024M scores. 


    SuperPI Mod - is another benchmarking tool that utilizes the pure computational power of a CPU. It shows us the performance of a multi core CPU which gives us a good picture of how a processor performs on similar tasks.


    Stock 1M – 9.766s / Stock 32M – 8m 21.947s

    Click the image to Enlarge

    Click the image to Enlarge

    Stock 1M – 9.176s / Stock 32M – 8m 20.646s


    Validations: http://valid.canardpc.com/2885774

    Click the image to Enlarge

    Click the image to Enlarge


    lg_whafu – Compared to our stock Super PI results with the OC Formula, the FATAL1TY motherboard finished the 32M benchmark around 20 seconds slower.

    The_Big_Viper – Despite being branded a gaming board it still should have held a candle to the Z87 OC Formula but for some reasons being 20 seconds slower is a letdown for me. I guess Thermal Throttling really kicks in despite it being disabled in the BIOS Section.


    OC 1M – 7.815s / Stock 32M – 6m 51.825s

    Validations: http://valid.canardpc.com/2886053

    Click the image to Enlarge

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – Satisfied results since we ran the tests with no tweaks. Respectable scores from the OC Formula results, proving that the Fatal1ty is a descent overclocking motherboard.

    lg_whafu – Can’t argue with that. Decent scores for a decent motherboard that is milliseconds just behind our Z87 OC Formula.


    Maxxmem - is a memory benchmark to test performance. It’s the Little brotherof MaxxPI², as it contains the same Memorybenchmark routine as MaxxPI² does.

    Stock Run: 21.59 GB/s

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – The IMC for the Z87/Haswell combination is one thing to ponder, giving modest scores is an understatement for this as seen with the memory scores it provides.

    lg_whafu – Pretty nice results we got here from the Z87 FATAL1TY motherboard, but it’s still far from what our Z87 OC Formula has to offer, particularly at the copy, and latency department. Decent results though.


    OC Run – 23.26Gb/s

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – There was no overclock on RAMS here but the effect of the overclocked processor has given modest boosts in both read write and copy.

    lg_whafu – That just shows how Intel efficiently implemented their memory controllers on their Haswell micro-processors.


    3DMark11 (Performance)

    Physics Score Stock – 10432 Marks @ 3.5Ghz

    Click the image to Enlarge


    Physics Score Stock – 10538 Marks @ 3.5Ghz

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – Now the 10538 Physics score at stocks surely puts the Haswell as a very powerfull chip. That same physics score is relative to an overclocked 5Ghz 2500k Sandy Bridge chip.

    lg_whafu – Nice results here, actually comparable to what the OC Formula board has to offer.


    Physics Score OC – 12122 Marks @ 4.6Ghz

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – Overclocked at 4.6Ghz an addtional 2000Marks is a sure boost in in any way you wish for it. It’s great for those who do photo and video rendering as well as gaming. 

    lg_whafu – Great results here from the gaming motherboard, showing us that there is a noticeable advantage when it comes to comparing stock and overclocked runs.


    3DMark (2013) - is a multi-platform benchmarking tool from FUTUREMARK, consisting of comprehensive tests that aims to gauge your gaming hardware; be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop PC. For this test we used the Fire Strike option.

    Physics Score Stock – 10583 Marks @ 3.5Ghz

    Validation: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/1064416

    Click the image to Enlarge


    Physics Score OC – 13146 Marks @ 4.6Ghz

    Validation: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/10665897

    Click the image to Enlarge


    The_Big_Viper – Using 3DMark Fire Strike it’s a notch or two better than the results  we had from the 3DMark 11 tests. Upping 1000 marks at physics shows you how a gaming board paired with the 4770K proves it’s a sure fire combo.

    lg_whafu – The 3DMARK 2013 stocks and overclocked results showed us that there really is a huge advantage when any system is overclocked, and it’s even more resounding with the i7 4770K and the FATAL1TY motherboard combination.

    The_Big_Viper – Haswell are relative Heatseekers. Even in an enclosed air conditioned room powered by a split type with a 16c ambient, we could not bench at 4.8Ghz except run Facebook at our browser. We did manage to get validations at 4.8Ghz and 5Ghz


    4.8Ghz – http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2887153

    5Ghz –  http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2887153


    lg_whafu – Um yeah. We did everything we could to get this thing stable at 5.0GHz, but thermal throttling kicks in like a hot knife through butter. By the way, the 1.76v that you’re seeing there is the CPU Input Voltage. Not the vCore.



    Defending OC Nation Champion Rodel Lopez aka regnevacs who took our invitation to do some OC Sessions at the office, his highest attempt is recorded at 5.1Ghz.

    5.1 Ghz - http://valid.canardpc.com/2882700 - regnevacs


    Game Benchmarks:


    The Z87 fatal1ty is as advertised a Gaming Motherboard with rich features for gaming. Paired with our trusty Radeon HD 7950 we benched using some of the new titles like Resident Evil 6 and Tomb Raider.


    RE6 DX 9.0 Max Settings

    Stock Score - 8670 Rank S



    lg_whafu – Resident Evil 6, a survival horror video game developed and published by CAPCOM. It’s one of my favorite PC games, mainly because I’m a fan of the series. It also has a built-in benchmarking tool to measure your PC’s performance.

    OC Score – 11249 Rank S



    lg_whafu – Great overclocking results here from the Resident Evil 6 benchmark with around 2500 points lead over the stock performance results.

    The_Big_Viper – More muscle here and more FPS improvements assures you better gameplay and hours and hours of fun glued on your seats and on your PC.


    Tomb Raider



    lg_whafu –Tomb Raider (2013) is the fifth game, and the reboot of the Tomb Raider series. It is developed by Crystal Dynamics, and published by Square-Enix. We disabled Tress FX for this benchmark.

    The_Big_Viper – This is sweet, High FPS and smooth gaming, the Z87 lives it up as a gaming board for gamers as these scores are no push overs.


    Power Consumption


    Using a Volt Meter to test power consumptions on Idle and Load as well as regular day to day tasks show us how the Z87 platform is:



    The_Big_Viper – I love the power consumption in both load and idling as compared with my 990FX but my preference with AMD will still stay and it’s from the same company. Now “With Great Power Comes Great Electricity Bill” as the running gag we all see on a social networking site is proven wrong with Haswell and the Z87 Fatal1ty Motherboard.

    lg_whafu – Nice results here for the FATAL1TY board, proving that even gamers could have a taste of Haswell’s power efficiency.


    Temperature Readings



    The_Big_Viper – Now this where we had goose bumps and major ones as it is. The Temperature Readings for Haswell were looking to fry eggs for breakfast. From these results we now why most of the benchmarks were producing lower results as the kicker for thermal throttling is very unsettling. And the guess here is the chip and not the motherboard though.

    lg_whafu – And this is where everything crumbles. At stock, the i7 4770K showed us a not so fantastic 85*c load temperature. Meanwhile when overclocked, the temperature rose further peaking at a scorching hot 102*c. We used an AIO water cooler here, so you really have to think twice if you’re going to use this processor with the stock HSF.



    Validation: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2893803309




    The_Big_Viper –Testing the Dual Intel Gigabit LAN produced a better result than my current motherboard the Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty which uses a Dual Broadcom Gigabit LAN. Its rated test speeds on downloads and uploads are records by far as I’ve only achieved 1.65mb/s for download and 0.25mb/s for uploads. The Intel posted 1.79mb/s download and 0.31mb/s upload which should be my actual if you are to base my QOS which is 1700/300.

    However I had some disconnection problems with LAN as my internet keep getting disconnected. Restarting the PC should do the trick but it’s a nagging error I’ve encountered.


    Ping test



    The_Big_Viper – at 22ms this is by far the best I got in the 4 years that I’ve been using Smart Bro as my internet provider. The most I experienced is 36ms. Truly the switch to Intel Gigabit Lan netted better improvements.

    lg_whafu – And that’s the reason why I’m a huge fan of Intel’s Gigabit LAN. Great results!


    RightMark Audio Analyzer (RMAA) - is a suite designed for testing quality of analog and digital paths of any audio devices. The results are obtained by playing and recording test signals passed through the tested audio path by means of frequency analysis algorithms. A more common mark is also provided for those unfamiliar with measured technical parameters.




    lg_whafu – First and foremost, The_Big_Viper had an issue with his audio cables when testing the audio solution of the FATAL1TY motherboard. Simply put, there are clippings, and distortions present throughout the duration of the test. Moreover, the left and right channels are far from being balanced due to the damaged cable we used (Hence, the poor crosstalk performance). Nonetheless, even with clipping and distortion present, the SoundCore 3D still gave us a nice objective insight about its performance, with an excellent noise level and top of the line dynamic range. I would love to retest it with my own loopback cable.

    The_Big_Viper – My ears should be the one listening here brother, again using the same flacs we tested with OC Formula. Bumping against my Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty gamer says a lot about the chip in question here. A True Blue Creative Chip with practically the same X-Fi sound we all came to love.

    I was much delighted with the Sound Core 3D chip. Hearing September by EWF was a warm symphony of sounds… ah itsEargasm for me here. Andrea Corr’s siren like voice in Runaway was a smooth lullaby to put you to relaxation. Africa by Toto was a welcome respite for a hard day’s work as I may say. The Brilliant sound stage made by the creative chips processor was surely different compared to the audio analyzer’s score. I guess my ears won’t lie here.




    The_Big_Viper – Banking on the tested marketing of the Fatal1ty Line, this motherboard is no doubt a worthy addition to the champion lineup. With new features such as HDMI In, A-Style, Key Master, Gaming Armor, Sound Recon 3D Chip, 10 Sata ports, 3 Way SLI x PCI-E 3.0 with 15μ Gold components, Dual Stack Mosfets. New software enhancements that deliver gaming and computing performance on the fly for everyday needs are much pretty solid.

    lg_whafu – Performance wise, the Z87 FATAL1TY Professional proved to be a great gaming motherboard coming from the guys at ASRock. Sure it’s not the fastest board around, but its decent stock performance results, coupled up with a gap filling overclocked results are hard to neglect.

    The_Big_Viper – The solid commitment of the Fatal1ty line to deliver along with great improvements to their hardware features and software packages is a testament. Does the price of the Fatal1ty sway the public to its offering? I’d say yes, priced just right for a Gaming Board loaded with features at Php 13,600 ($313.27) is a cut above the rest. If your aiming for a motherboard that is optimized for Gaming, Sound and Movies, Storage, Multimedia and Overclocking then look no further as the ASRock Fatal1ty should steal your hearts as well as your wallet!!!






  • another superb review by the duos. :D

    ayaw ko lang sa fatality is ung design nya.. mas maganda pa ren ung p67 model.
  • nice review. ever since asrock fatal1ty fan na ako, its a sulit board kasi creative na ung chip na ginamit :)
  • I read the review and I've noticed one thing. Is this a transcript of a chat-log? Or 2 people reviewing at the same time? The changes in perspective between one person and the other is strange, to say the least.

    Btw, nice review
  • Master servo. long time no hear.

    It's 2 people reviewing at the same time done here initially at TPCs lab room. I asked them to adopt this format and see how would we go from here.

    The last item in the line up is the Asrock Z87 Extreme.
  • Meron bng OC team ang ph n dumadayo ibang bansa?
  • Alam ko si idol Bartman1973, representing sometimes TPC of course PH, and the sponsors.

    Idol Bart, correct me if I'm wrong... :)

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