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Inno3D GTX 650Ti : The Beast of a Card

  • Inno3D GTX 650Ti : The Beast of a Card hidden Within the Entry Level Gaming Platform

    By: The_Big_Viper


    We just concluded the GTX 650 card review a few weeks back and now here is a follow up review for a card we thought was just the same or a bit higher than the GTX650, but this card definitely pulled out some pretty nasty surprises.   

    The Inno3D GTX650ti is also a mid entry level gaming card targeted for those gamers who are also on a rather tight budget but can shell out additional pesos with a catch.

    Let’s take an in-depth look of what the GTX650Ti has to offer us.



    The GTX 650ti from Inno3D came in a box with a very nice themed design of a high powered machine which is very Similar to the 650 non TI. One might even think it’s a doppelganger of sorts.

    The back side of the packaging flaunts to run the hottest titles such as Assasins Creed III, Borderlands 2, Planet Side 2, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Call of Duty as well Direct X 11 compatibility, PCI 3.0 Express interface and 1080p Playback Full HD Compliant.



    Opening the box we find the package containing the main item, a DVI to VGA Connector, a 6pin VGA to 4pin Molex converter, the Driver CD and a manual for Power Supply guidelines.


    Once we got the card outside of the protective film we see that this looks like the iChill design on a Single Fan Concept that is very similar in design to the GTX650 except for some notable positioning of the NVidia logo.




    The card is a bit small for its size, sporting a black PCB, the Metallic Titanium design gives quite an effect of being a bad ass card. It  uses only one (1) 6pin as power source and eats up two PCI slots. Despite of being small it sure weighs hefty for its size and frame.





    For connectivity it sports of a Dual DVI input and a mini HDMI input. Sadly only a DVI to VGA Connector is available in the package.

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Inno3D GTX650Ti

    CUDA Cores: 768
    Graphics Clock-Base Clock / Boost Clock (MHz): 920
    Processor Clock (MHz): 1840
    Memory Clock: 5400
    Standard Memory: 1024 (1GB)
    Memory Interface: GDDR5
    Memory Interface Width: 128bit
    Memory Bandwidth (GB/Sec): 86.4
    OpenGL: 4.2
    Bus Support: PCI-E 3.0 x16
    Supports: DX11, CUDA, PhysX, 3D Vision, 3D Vision Surround
    Multi Monitor: 3 Active Monitor Support (2 x DVI and 1 mini HDMI)
    Maximum Resolution (per Output): 2560x1600
    Maximum VGA Resolution (per Output): 2048x1536
    HCDP/HDMI Compliant Ready: HDMI 1.4a
    Card Dimensions: 160mm Length x 111mm Height, Dual Slot
    Maximum GPU Temperatures (in Celsius with ambient of 55c): 97c
    Maximum Power Draw: 110watts
    Minimum Power Requirement: 400Watts PSU
    Fan Type: Axial Blower type



    Testing to the card in real world scenarios should be a better gauge on how this baby will perform and instead of the usual test bench where they use Intel Systems; we will be using an AMD Systems for this review.

    Most of the gamers and LAN shops we know here in the Philippines use AMD for their personal and Shop systems. We hope they could readily gauge and assess based on this review.

    Test Bed Specs:

    Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965BE 3.4Ghz
    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws non X 1600Mhz CL8
    HSF: Corsair H100
    Motherboard: Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty Professional
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 500GB 7200RPM
    Case: Aerocool X-Predator Black Modded
    PSU: FSP Raider 750watts 80+ Bronze
    Monitor: ViewSonic VX2233 LCD Full HD 1920x 1080p @ 60Hz
    Used Resolution: 1650 x 1050 (Since the targeted market are gamers who are on a tight budget/Lan Shop Owners/”The Masa” we safely assumed not all can accommodate the Full Resolution nor have monitors bigger than 19”/18.5”)
    Software Used:
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1

    Graphics Driver Version: NVidia 310.70
    Benchmark Software: 3dMark 11 Professional Ver 1.0.4
    Games: Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Batman Arkham City, and Battlefield 3


    We tested the GTX 650ti using 3Dmark 11 version 1.0.4 using the 'Performance Mode'.

    On Stock setting, the GTX 650Ti garnered an impressive score of 4298 Marks

    3DMark URL:  http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/5220195

    At 4298 Marks Stock, these can be very well comparable to an ASUS GTX 560Ti Direct CU II with 4366 Marks at Stock.

    3DMark URL: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/4913108

    As well as surpassing the MSI GTX560 at 4120 Marks at stock.

    3DMark URL: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/3276959


    I Overclocked this card to see if it can really perform as advertised without bumping any voltage while squeezing a little bit of juice and again, the card amazed me as it produced 4994 Marks, an improvement of 16.19%

    3DMark URL: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/5571944



    Game Benchmarks

    I asked a hardcore gamer friend of mine name Orenobaka to help me out with the benchmarks since we wanted to test this out on real gaming situations and with a Hardcore Gamer; how he feels and what insights he could share with us.












    Sleeping Dogs Low Settings



    Sleeping Dogs Ultra Settings



    FAR CRY 3














    Far Cry Very High Settings


    Far Cry Ultra Settings














    Batman Arkham City PHYSX OFF



    Batman Arkham City PHYSX ON NORMAL



    Batman Arkham City PHYSX ON ULTRA






    BF3 High Settings

    BF3 Ultra Settings


    BF3 Ultra Settings VSYNC OFF

    I was very impressed with every game I played, the GTX650ti was surely giving me goose bumps. All the problems I encountered with the GTX650 were all gone.

    Testing the card with FPS hungry games like Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 displayed respectable Frame rates at 40 to 45fps for BF3 and 27 to 30fps for Far Cry 3 at Ultra Settings.

    The PhysX for Batman was even better, maintaining a range of 11 to 14fps without much dip. That was clearly a good improvement from the 650 where it went down to 5fps and with some major hang ups.

    Comparisons with GTX 650 and 650Ti


    The Inno3D GTX650 and 650ti are almost identical. From the packaging, down to the physical appearance of the cards with both utilizing only one (1) 6pin cable to power itself, which for us is quite remarkable.




    The 650ti blows away the 650 in all departments except in power draw where the 650 is clear winner at 64watts and price that’s clearly affordable at PHP 4,640.00 versus PHP 6,200.00.

    If you’ll notice the 650 has the Nvidia logo above the PCIE pins while the 650Ti sports it at the back.

    Product Specifications:    

    3D Mark 11 Comparison Chart


    From this chart, we can see that the 650ti brings a lot of benefits. Coming from the Kepler line and sporting a 28nm technology, the 650ti is almost at par with the Fermi based 560ti and better than the 560 in terms of performance at low power consumption.


    Game Benchmarks


    Red = GTX650Ti                    
    Black = GTX650                    


    Red = GTX650Ti                    
    Black = GTX650                   


    Red = GTX650Ti                    
    Black = GTX650                   

    Red = GTX650Ti                    
    Black = GTX650                 


    The Inno3d GTX 650Ti literally has blown me away as it performed above my expectations. This card while so small in looks packs a lot - with a good playable FPS on numerous new Gaming Titles such as Far Cry 3 and the graphics hungry Battlefield 3 in Multi-Player Environment while maintaining good frame rates at 45fps and above.

    The PHYSX component was respectable versus the GTX650 as the game Batman Arkham City PHYSX On frame rates as well as Sleeping Dogs dipped at a range of 11 to 24fps. All throughout the Game Benches we did not encounter any problems.

    Currently Priced at 6,200.00 (155USD), it doesn’t strain your wallet and with the performance it can bring to the table makes this card a sure winner.


    Decently priced
    Looks and feel are both sturdy and are very good
    Can Play Graphics Hungry Games such as Battlefield 3 at a respectable 45 to 50fps
    110watts Full Load but the performance won’t make you think twice as compare to the GTX560Ti at 150watts
    Good Overclocking Card at stock voltage
    Unlike its Fermi Predecessors which uses 2x6pin cables to draw power, this card uses 1 6 pin to power itself up.

    No SLI capability unlike the 550ti/560 and 560ti Fermi Counterparts
    No mini HDMi to HDMi Adaptor included in the package

    This Card Scores a 5/5 for me and I recommend this to all mainstream hardcore gamers who can stretch their budgets a bit yet are to gain a card whose who can surpass their Fermi Counterparts yet wont strain you electrical budget and let you continue to enjoy countless hours of gaming.

    “ for all mainstream hardcore gamers who want to play the latest games on high and ultra settings with a medium budget yet never sacrificing performance and PhysX support then this darling of a card is surely for you” – Orenobaka


  • Another home grown TPC review
  • nice read sir :) more power!
    my sibling is using this on his rig and it really is BANG FOR THE BUCK!
  • nice review sir alex :)
  • yun oh :D ^
  • mabilis nga for just a midget

    and less power consumption :)
  • Very nice card! Totoo ung experience shared ni Sir big_viper! I have an OC edition of this card and satisfied ako sa performance!

    Nice review!
  • Sir yung mga Keps wala na po processor/shader clock na 2x nung base/core clock. The base clock is also the shader clock, just like AMD/ATI cards. They only did that with previous generations because of the limited number of shaders, pero now that they have increased the shader numbers like AMD/ATI there was no need for a doubled shader clock.
  • Iba pala talaga ang 650Ti, Bang For The Buck Na Card That's Why Mataas Ang Score.
  • very nice review

    you did it again

    greatly appreciated
  • Congrats boss Alex,

    All that hard work paid off really well...

    More reviews to come!
  • i have the OC edition and i can say worth it ang pera ko PANALO!
  • very nice review on a very nice card by a very nice person.

    That card really is a Beast.

  • for comparison

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and Intel Core i5-3550 Processor
    asus GTX660-DC2O-2GD5, aka asus geforce gtx 660 direct CU II OC
    1280x1024 monitor
    lucid virtu mvp running
    win 8 pro

    3dmark 2011 v103

    Graphics Score
    Physics Score
    Combined Score

    Unigine Heaven Benchmark v2.1
    Min FPS:
    Max FPS:

    lost planet 2 bench Dx11
    A 106.5
    B 69.5
  • congrats papa alex... very nice review...
  • i have this graphics card now fresh and bnew pero di ko pa nagagamit kasi wala pa akong magandang rig.

    ganito pala itong gtx650ti.
    kala ko konti lang difference sa gtx650 pero big leap din pala kung tutuusin.

    nice review sir! buti meron na dito sa PH. wala kasi ako nakikita sa IFS na inno3d brand eh.

  • nicely done!
  • wish you turned V sync Off so you can see the max frame rates it can produce.
    Would be nice to include an equivalently priced radeon card to compare.

    -- edited by bongbong on Feb 24 2013, 01:14 PM
  • idol!!! kung may SHARE function lang toh tpc website i will gonna share this to my fellow PC newbies..
  • Anyway... i just share this on my FB wall... hehehe SALAMAT sa review na toh sir!!!
  • great review. thanks for the info.
  • Sabi ko nga sa Facebook post ko, Ito ang reason kaya ko binili itong bang for the buck card na ito.
    and yung isang review ni sir alex sa 660Ti naman ang reason for an upgrade!
    para akong nagbasa ng reviews sa toms hardware :)
  • Hello po! talagang maganda nga po ang gtx 650ti! May difference ba yan among its manufacturers? Specifically Palit, Inno3d, and MSI?
  • http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/6496484

    on stock clocks (cpu/gpu)
    binastos nito ang AMD 6870 ko!

    dont ever underestimate this small bad ass!!!!
  • KALOKOHAN.. anong bung for the buck..

    fan always fail at inno3d..

    warranty sucks at servilow.. had to wait for weeks for replacement..

    at wlang deletan ng post.. totoo naman to e..
  • I like this card sobrang okey :D
  • woot... hanap hanap... hanap ng pera muna.. sarap ng vc na to...

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