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Want To Buys : CRT/LCD Display

Samsung or Devant LCD TV?

PHP 35000.00


Posted by aicyrag on Aug 25 2010 03:37 PM
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Location: Bulacan - Malolos Contact Number: Not Specified

Good day!

I am planning to buy an LCD TV. (I prefer LED but I think i'll have issues regarding with price. lol.)
Im still contemplating between the makes, devant and Samsung. What would you suggest? Is LG a good choice? (I still have trauma with my LG phone .. as a brand. :d)

I am considering these LCDtv specs upon purchase:
Budget: P35,000 (maximum)
Size range: 32 up to 40 (seems the price is for devant.. hehe)
HDMI, USB, a good refresh rate, good quality for local cabletv.

Please lend a hand.

P.S. paki-cite na rin yung model na okay bilhin with the specs quoted above or sa ibang brand kung meron mas maganda. :)

Salamat ulit.

Negotiation Messages

  • sir good day, i have a devant 32 \" lcd tv, i bought it from Ansons Ortigas last january and i never had a single problem with it since then. Bought it for only 29k as package. Package comes with an HDMI player and 5.1 speaker system( 5 speakers w/ 1 sub) (The Player and the Speakers are both devant also). i don\'t know if they still have that package. i reccomended devant to my friend and he\'s satisfied also with the package considering that we only paid less than 30k for that. i hope i can be good help sir.
  • yung samin 35k din samsung series 5, may kasama din HT, note lang i\'ve looked around and sa SM lang merong kasamang HT yung model na yun. ewan kung bakit, kasi kahit sa brochure dapat mas mahal na model yung may free na ganun. so i bought it, kung mali man sila eh sila na bahala :)

    may digital input(audio) yung HT so i use that pag nanonood ng bluray from ps3 hehe. check nyo minsan kung meron pa sila
  • @mistahgrim. thanks for the info! good buy nga. :)
    kaso after the warranty period expires, paano ang service ng unit? (haven\'t inquired yet)
    are they accepting repairs? major major repairs? lol

  • @cons29. thanks. :) ilang inches ung series 5 na yun?
  • i think so.. meron service center ang devant kaso sa may binondo yta eh. pede n rin siguro paayos dun kahit after warranty.
  • i have 32\" TCL lcd tv <click here for link>
  • Baka interested ka sa Devant 37\" ko.. Just PM me for details..
  • check my ifx sir pasok na pasok sa mga gusto mo..samsung 32 inch
  • please like our page

    309 P17500.
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    371 P17600.
    567 P26K
    667 P34K
    767 P39500.

    Prices of home-theater-in-a-box system:
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    Panasonic SCPT75 P7K
    Sony DAVTZ135 P5K
    Sony DADTZ310 P8K
    Sony DAVDZ610 P15K

    Onkyo HTS3400 P25K
    Onkyo HTS5405 P32,400.
    Onkyo HTS5400 P39,000.
    Onkyo HTS9300 P60,500.
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    (4) Take home a Panasonic 32\\\" LED TV TH-L32X30S** for as low as
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    47XL700 P70K

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    LG 40\\\" and up has free wall bracket. Add P12500. for HT806PM
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    50PW350 P45K...3D plasma TV

    22LK310 P10K.
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    42LV5500 P53500..
    47LV5500 P72K.
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    42LW5000 P52K
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    KRP500P P135K
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